Denver CO House Roof Styles: Ideas to Try This 2019

Thinking of building a new home in Denver CO this 2019? If so, you need to choose from different house roof styles that will suit your architectural design preference and budget. The roof of your new home won’t just protect you from the elements, but it also contributes to your curb appeal.

To put you on the right track, we’ve prepared this guide for you. Here, you’ll find different roof design plans and possible roofing materials you can use. Dig in.

7 House Roof Styles to Try This Year

1. Flat Roof

Nowadays, an increasing number of Denver Colorado homeowners choose flat roofs for a number of reasons. One reason is that flat roofs cost cheaper than most roof styles.

Flat roofing materials like EPDM and TPO are known to be affordable yet durable options. Because contractors install flat roofs with ease, you’d expect the labor costs to be lower.

In case you’re wondering if flat roofs are entirely flat, the answer is no. Flat roofs have a slight pitch, about 10 degrees, to allow water to drain. That way, water won’t sit on the roof membrane and cause problems.

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2. Gable Roof

Want the most popular roof? Here’s gable. We consider the gable roof as one of the best house roof styles for homeowners who want simplicity, affordability, and versatility.

Simplicity, in the sense that gable roofs have only two slopes that meet at the roof ridge. Affordability, because gable roofs are easy to construct. Versatility, since you can use almost roofing material you like.

3. Mansard Roof

green mansard roof of house

A mansard roof is a classic shape. It also allows you to use an extra space for anything – thanks to the spacious area under the roof.

Go classic this time with a mansard roof. A mansard roof can also be called French roof or curb roof. Now, what does this roof style have to offer? Unlike the simple gable and hip house roof styles, the mansard roof provides extra space at the uppermost level of the house.

Notice that each side of a mansard roof features two slopes. The lower slope is much steeper than the upper slope. On the downside, mansard roofs are complex to build. That said, they’re labor intensive and quite expensive.

4. Hip Roof

Also called a pyramidal roof, a hip roof has sides that slope downwards to meet the walls of your house. A lot of people compare hip roofs with gable roofs and want to know what to go for.

If we talk about durability, hip roofs win. They can withstand snow and high winds better. The reason is that hip roofs possess self-bracing capabilities. However, hip roofs cost more because they require more building materials.

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5. Skillion Roof

Latest roofing designs dominate the industry now that more people desire a modern-ish appeal. Out of these designs, skillion roofs stand out. What is a skillion roof? A skillion roof is similar to a flat roof in that it features one surface. But unlike a flat roof, a skillion roof is tilted or slanted to allow water runoff.

Skillion roofs possess pros and cons that are worth looking into. One of their biggest advantages is that they promote good water drainage. Another is that skillion roofs provide a large surface for skylights or solar panels. About the downside, one thing to note is skillion roofs don’t allow for an attic space. They’re also more sensitive to winds.

6. Combination Roof

big house with combination roof and glass windows

Combination roofs use various designs to add beauty and make a house more functional.

Surely, you have a good idea of what a combination roof is. A combination roof puts together different roof styles to achieve more functionality. The reason is that some basic roofs allow more space or are more durable while others don’t or aren’t.

Common combinations include hip + gable and hexagonal gazebo + hip. Many homeowners start off with a basic roof design. When they want to expand their home, they then build an extension with a roof shape of their choice.

7. Butterfly Roof

Unique house roof styles like butterfly roofs make your home stand out. A butterfly roof exudes uniqueness because of its two slopes that face inward and meet in the middle. Sometimes, we call butterfly roofs “V roofs” because of their shape, obviously.

The central valley of a butterfly roof captures rainfall. You’d find this an enticing feature if you plan to collect rainwater for various purposes. Butterfly roofs are also aerodynamic. Meaning, they do extremely well in places with high winds.

Home Roof Material Types

Before you start your beautiful house roof design project, we’re going to take a look at different materials to use. Take note that not all materials can be applied to a specific roof style. Check out the following options:

1. Rubber Roof Membrane

We’re looking at the classic EPDM roof here. EPDM is a synthetic rubber roof membrane that lasts 50 years or more. This roofing material is exclusive to flat roof designs. While we, Roper Roofing, install rubber roofs for commercial properties, we can definitely help complete your flat roof home project.

2. Shingle Roofing

Roof shingles come in different types. You can choose shingles made of asphalt, wood, and slate. Most shingle roofs match any architectural design -- for example, hip, gable, and combination. However, if you prefer slate shingles, you’d have to make sure that your house is structurally strong. Slate weighs a lot.

3. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs outperform most roofing materials in terms of strength and lifespan. Copper is a type of metal roof that lasts the longest. It has a lifespan of 80-100 years. Other options include aluminum, steel, and zinc. You’ll find metal roofs usually on shapes like hip, gable, combination, and butterfly.

Ready for a Great House Roof Design?

Before you go, we’d like to thank you for checking out our 2019 guide on house roof styles. Have you chosen one already? We hope so.

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