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Learn These Skillion Roof Advantages and Disadvantages Before Getting One

Here at Roper Roofing, we’ve been getting the word out about skillion as one of the best roof shapes. If you haven’t checked out our previous guide about skillion roofs, please do. That said, we want to dig deeper into skillion roofs for the benefit of Denver Colorado homeowners.

What’s to love about this roofing design? What’s not to like about it? In this guide, you will gain the following knowledge:

  • Skillion roof construction detail (basics information, alternative names, cost)
  • 6 Essential skillion roof advantages and disadvantages
  • Common skillion roof materials used

Basic Details of a Skillion Roof

If this is your first time to hear of a skillion roof, here’s what you should know. This roofing style has only one slope. Because of the single slope, skillion roofs make an attractive choice for those who appreciate minimalistic designs. You’ll also hear contractors and roofing experts referring to skillion roofs as:

  • Mono-pitched roofs
  • Lean-to roofs
  • Shed roofs
  • Pent roofs

Sometimes, people who want to be more creative with their existing roofs will add a smaller skillion roof. In this case, the height of the skillion roof will be basically lower than the current roof. Most of the time, it’s being used as a standalone roof.

wooden house with big glass windows and small shed roof

Here’s a picture of a home that uses a skillion roof.

Whichever the choice, skillion roofs look good!

Regarding skillion roof cost, you can expect to pay at least $6000 for construction. But take note that prices vary depending on several factors. Factors include the roofing size, materials used, and roof pitch.

6 Must-Know Skillion Roof Advantages and Disadvantages

A. Skillion Roof Advantages

1. Provide good water drainage

Roofs should be able to properly drain water to avoid leaks. Flat roofing systems are notorious for ponding water, and skillion roofs prevent it. Instead of getting a flat roof for a modern look, go for a skillion roof instead.

Your roofing contractor can design a steeply pitched skillion roof if you like. If you use asphalt shingles as the material, the minimum pitch must be 1:6.

2. Easy to construct which translates to affordability

Compared to other roofing shapes, skillion roofs cost lower. Their single slope won’t require a ton of materials for construction. For this reason, some homeowners attempt a DIY roofing job. We do not recommend DIY jobs for safety concerns.

Just because skillion roofs are affordable doesn’t mean you get a plain roof. Be a bit more creative by choosing an attractive shingle roof color that blends with your property.

3. Opportunity to install skylights or solar panels

two skylight units lighting up dark and empty room

You’d be delighted to know that skillion roofs accommodate environmentally-friendly features such as skylights.

Yes, skillion roofs contribute to a better planet in that they allow you to do eco-friendly installations — for example, skylights or solar panels. Their broad surfaces accommodate these additions. Skylights and solar panels help reduce energy consumption during daytime and warmer months.

4. Newer, modern design

Simple modern designs are in. Skillion roofs gain more popularity among people who want unconventional styles. The clean, modernist lines of skillion roofs do not only look attractive, but they also give you the freedom to play with outdoor furniture and landscaping ideas.

B. Skillion Roof Disadvantages

5. Smaller to no attic space

When talking about skillion roof advantages and disadvantages, one of the notable drawbacks is the lack of loft area. Unfortunately, people who prefer attics for storage or an extra bedroom don’t get to have one.

The angles of skillion roofs are much tighter than conventional roof shapes like gable and hip. If you don’t need a large attic space, then a skillion roof won’t be an issue at all.

6. Sensitive to high winds

If you read our post about gable and hip roofs, note that we tackled the issue on high winds. Like gable roofs, skillion roofs easily sustain damage in hurricane force winds. Multiple roof slopes make the entire roof more resilient. If you insist on building a skillion roof, make sure to hire an expert roof builder. Doing this will guarantee a stronger roof.

Suggested Roofing Materials for a Skillion Roof

What type of roof is best for a skillion design? Good news, you can use almost all types of roofing materials. In fact, skillion roofs eliminate the need for rubber roof membranes. This means that you can access prettier materials. Examples include the following:

1. Standing seam metal roof

Metal roofs with the standing seam feature make great pairs for skillion roofs. The vertically oriented panels create a more minimalist appearance. What’s more, metal roofs last longer (lifespan: at least 50 years)

Read: Metal Roofing Pros and Cons: 2018 Guide for Denver Homeowners

2. Wood shakes and shingles

close up view of two wood shingles on roof felt with hammer

Roper Roofing installs wood shingles and shakes on skillion roofs.

Get the timeless, natural appeal of wood roofing. Wood material acts as a good insulator to keep your Denver CO home cooler. These roofing materials need careful handling, which is why you must hire a skilled contractor. Know that Roper Roofing specializes in wood shake roofing.

3. Asphalt shingles

One of the best things about asphalt shingles is that they can be used for nearly all roof shapes, including skillion. Asphalt shingles also happen to be an affordable option. They come in unique colors and textures. Our roofing contractors will install an asphalt shingle roof if you prefer this material. Check out our asphalt shingle roofing service.

Need More Skillion Roofing Advice? Got Another Roof Style in Mind?

You now reached the end of our guide about skillion roof advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, there are many things to appreciate about skillion roofs. If you want to save money, get modernish, and are okay without a big attic, a skillion roof delights you.

Choosing the right roof shape is indeed an exciting experience. We know it can be a stressful one too! Either way, we’re here to provide more knowledge and technical assistance.

We serve Denver Colorado homeowners like you through quality roofing services. While our guide focuses on skillion roofs, we can also recommend other shapes that suit your individual needs. Let us know your ideas! And when you’re ready to install a roof, hire Denver CO's finest roofing contractor with decades of experience and knowledge. Call Roper Roofing today or leave us a message!


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