The Roper Roofing & Solar Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Free 21-Point Roof Inspection

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Full Roof Inspection

In climates like Denver, commercial roofs are especially subject to experiencing drying and cracking. Roofing systems that are supposed to last for 50 years can be in need of some consistent maintenance after just a fraction of that time. What we do is perform a thorough examination of all edging, seams, penetrations, and drainage systems to make sure no unwelcome leaks sneak up on you.

HVAC Curb Flashing

As routine as commercial HVAC maintenance is, property owners often forget that their roof is the most expensive aspect of their investment. One of the most common issues we see are the curbs around HVAC units needing repair. By checking and re-flashing consistently, you can increase the lifespan of your roof significantly and avoid any unwanted headaches that often come from small leaks around HVAC system curbs.

Thermal Imaging

We also perform a highly effective thermal imaging scan of the troubled areas of your roof. What this does is allow us to detect any areas where moisture has been trapped beneath the roof membrane. If is stays there too long or continues to build up over time, it can spread down into the insulation and roof cavity and cause some major damage to the structure and your bank account.

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