Are Cheap Metal Roofing Sheets Good Roofs in Denver CO?

Affordability and performance are two things Denver CO homeowners look for when installing or replacing existing roofing material. Some home construction suppliers may offer cheap metal roofing sheets. Most of them are priced 50% lower than the market average. Are they worth buying and will they last long as roofing materials?

The truth: these cheap metal roofing sheets are known as corrugated metal roofing. They are highly-durable metal roofing materials. However, the manufacturer's specifications and reputation play a huge role if they're dependable yet cheap metal roofing sheets.

If you don't know much about the supplier, it's possible the roof material is cheap because it's bare steel material. Steel is a useful and long-term roofing material that can last beyond 70 years -- if it is galvanized or galvalumed. If otherwise, then moisture and rainwater can accelerate its rust and corrosion.

Cheap Metal Roofing Sheets and Metal Roof Coating

As experienced Denver CO roofing contractors, we do advise customers on different types of metal roof material prices at different ranges that do not compromise their performance. Some suppliers may tell customers cheap metal roofing sheets with metal roof coating can work to their advantage yet cost about 50-70% less than the well-manufactured corrugated metal roofing available in the market.

Metal roof coatings can only do so much. While they're an excellent sacrificial layer against the elements and waterproofs your roof for an adequate amount of time, they do not change the composition of your affordable steel roof. In fact, if the paint job is poorly done, it can still introduce rusting and possible internal leakage into your property.

PM Silicone, a provider of metal roof coatings, briefs that metal roof coatings require good equipment and proper technique to achieve the intended results Denver CO homeowners need.

When applying metal roof coatings, be they silicone or acrylic or any other material, it is important to use the correct technique. The applicator needs to power wash the roof surface to ensure it is completely clean. Then, all existing flashings must be checked to ensure they are watertight. If not, flashing tape should be applied and coated with the same metal roof coatings to be used on the rest of the project. All fasteners that are loose or backed out should be replaced with an oversized fastener, and then all fasteners should be spot coated with the coating of choice.

Once these steps have been followed and the roof surface has dried, the applicator should apply a base coat of the metal roof coating at least 10 mils thick. Once that coat is dried, a second 10 mil coat should be applied. There should be no traffic on the roof for 24 hours and voila, the metal roof coating has created a 100 leak-free surface. (Continued)

When Is It Wise to Purchase Cheap Metal Roofing Sheets?

The best way to purchase cheap metal roofing sheets is to know your trusted supplier well. In fact, you can test the metal roof material's performance by buying a retail version (if any) of the cheap metal roofing material. Expose it to the elements in a single week then observe any changes. You can repeat for the following weeks if you find it necessary to see the possible lifespan and durability of the cheap metal roofing material.

These cheap metal roofing sheets are useful when you need an emergency roof repair. When your asphalt shingle roof has significantly missing parts and you can't find a roofing contractor to work on your roof, you can purchase cheap metal roofing sheets as an alternative to tarpaulin until you can finally call on proper, roof-prolonging roof services.

However, it's even much cheaper and more effective to use a tarp instead. You'll even preserve your roof's lifespan and have an easier time covering your roof during an emergency than a cheap metal roofing sheet. The HTRC has a great guide to help you patch your roof during the strongest of rainstorms that can last for weeks.

If you have a ladder, a knife, a cordless drill, & saw you are all set & just need to pick up some supplies

A Tarp that will at least extend past the damaged area  by at least 3’ on each side, the bottom & the ridge

  • The thicker the tarp is the better
  • If it has UV inhibitars, that will also help if the repair takes longer than planned
  • If you have access to the Blue Tarps FEMA uses, grab them as those things are built to last
  • 1×3’s or 1×4’s – it doesn’t matter if they are pressure treated or not (enough for the perimeter of the tarp purchased above + 4’)
  • 1# of 2” or longer deck screws & the associated bit (If the tarp is larger than 10 x 20 or you buy 3” screws you may wish to buy another box to be safe)
  • Drywall screws & the galvanized knock off versions are not wise choices here
  • If you don’t have a cordless drill &/or rather use nails, they should be galvanized ring shanks
  • I also like grabbing some galvanized washers which helps increase hold down power & prevents over-driving
  • A sheet or partial sheet of 3/8 plywood to cover any punctured areas
  • Got any vent pipes in the area, pick up another vent cover that can slide over the existing one &/or some hurricane tape

Tips, tricks, and things to remember

Safety First: don’t forget to use you ladder safely & use fall protection. These tarps can be very slippery even when dry & there is no sense turning one emergency into two.

If required — Cut plywood as needed & cover up any existing penetrations with plywood – secure the perimeter  with screws every 6” to 12” into the roof sheathing below (preferably into trusses) (Continued)

Remember, even with higher-grade corrugated metal roofing sheets, the roof is still at risk of leakage and shortened lifespan with a poor installation. Have experienced professionals such as Roper Roofing with your roofing installation needs as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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