About us

Meet The Team

Josh Adams
Account Manager

With over 8 years of experience as the Account Manager here at Roper Roofing & Solar, Josh is very well versed in the insurance claims process as well as the hands-on construction side of projects too, allowing him to guide clients through the process from start to finish.

Esther Melanson
Office Manager

Esther supports our staff with meticulous bookkeeping, obtaining & managing permits, and project & production scheduling.

Jake Hoy
Project Manager

Jake started with Roper Roofing as a carpenter who focused on window and siding replacement. He had recently learned the process of handling insurance claims and managing projects from start to finish. He is a rising star on our all-star team!

Richard Dean
Project Manager

As a previous manager of Allstate claims for 8 years, Richard has managed some of the largest commercial projects in the Denver area and is as qualified as any expert in the field.

Justin Klocke
Project Manager

Justin comes from a construction background with a former career as a carpenter. His rich experience has given him extensive knowledge in many key areas of the roofing industry.

Michael Beshears
Manager of Business Development

Michael oversees a large portion of the continual growth and development here at Roper Roofing, specializing in lead generation and sales operations.

John Jamison
Project Manager

In addition to organizing and directing the multitude of projects we always have going on, John is also an expert in the finer points of insurance claims for commercial and residential projects and always knows what it takes to get the process done right!

Kevin Gallagher
Project Manager

Born and raised in Golden, CO, Kevin has a strong passion and understanding of the commercial and residential roofing industry and is quickly developing the same in solar as well.

Brad DiNardo
Head of Solar and Business Development

Brad has mastered the in’s & out’s of the solar market in the commercial and residential space, and also manages all our solar projects. He’s also a pro with all roofing types and insurance claims.