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Different Types of Low-Maintenance Commercial Roofing Materials

Commercial roofing materials must withstand extreme weather conditions and last for a long time. With many manufacturers on the market, it's easy to find reliable materials suitable for your roof's needs. Some of them can outlast the others if they're made from high-quality materials and reliable manufacturing practices.

Here are some minimal-maintenance commercial roofing materials.


EPDM or rubber roofs are a single layer of elastomer and work well against hailstorms, snow, and rain. Their affordability limits their durability, but they require very little maintenance. If they have issues, roofers can mend the seams and patch the leaks and tears with small patches, the right tools, and their knowledge.


An alternative to rubber roofs, TPO comes in bright colors to reflect the sun's rays and minimize UV absorption. They're a little higher than EPDM in price, but they're greatly durable, dependable, and have excellent fire resistance.

Spray Polyurethane Foam

SPF or spray polyurethane foam is a popular roofing material because it can cure and become a hardened roof within a few days. SPF is sprayed on the roof and it cures within two to three days. They're easy to maintain and require respraying only every few years. They're also greatly affordable and last for a long time with proper installation.

One more excellent roofing material is Duro-last. Learn more about the advantages and features of this top-notch material in this post by Select Renovations.

The Duro-Last Roofing System is custom fabricated from single-ply PVC which makes it ideal for any flat roof or low-sloped roof. This product is extremely durable because like the name says, it’s built to “Last”. This commercial roofing solution is highly reflective, which makes it very energy efficient. Duro-Last roofing is also watertight, resistant to chemicals, holds up to fire and high winds, all with low maintenance.

Proven Performance

Duro-Last roofing has been around since 1978 and since then billions of square feet of membrane have been installed on roofs throughout North America. Over several decades, their roofs have remained the superior product through patented technology, best-in-class warranties, quality assurance and their commitment to providing problem-solving products.


Duro-Last is the only roof manufacturing company that prefabricated the entire roofing system in their factory-controlled environment. Through this proprietary process, 85% of the seams are finished before it arrives to the job site. This eliminates most of the fabrication on-site, which in other cases could lead to roof leaks.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Duro-Last warranties provide the highest level of protection for commercial roofing applications. They are the first manufacturer to offer a warranty that directly covers consequential damages. This 15-Year NDL (No Dollar Limit) Warranty will give you the peace of mind you deserve as a building owner. (Continued)

Roper Roofing & Solar is an experienced, well-equipped, and top-tier commercial roofing company that has helped numerous buildings and commercial properties have well-maintained, installed, and repaired roofs. We are a licensed GAF commercial roofing company that will go above and beyond your expectations. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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