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Questions to Ask During Roof Inspections

Roof inspections let you know your roof's current status after a storm or after it has considerably aged in the last few years. Professional inspectors will look at various areas of your roof and note any visible and found hidden damage on the roof. You can have a solid idea about your roof's status by asking the right questions during roof inspections. Here are four questions to help you learn more about your roof's overall situation.

1. Is My Schedule Frequent Enough?

Experts will have similar recommendations for roof inspections. Most will recommend a twice yearly inspection to catch any minor issue that can evolve into a major headache. Roofers will likely call or knock on your door offering inspections after a severe weather event. These situations will wear your roof rapidly and cause integral damage.

2. Which Areas Will You Inspect?

Roofers will inspect your flashing, asphalt shingle status, moisture infiltration levels and entry points, attic humidity and presence of moisture, and ventilation system. 

3. Will My Roof Need Replacement?

Your roof may need replacement at some point. Inspectors can tell you about your roof's age if the former owner or you have no documentation about its age. Severely damaged systems, especially structural components, will need replacements as soon as possible.

4. Is My Roof Well Ventilated?

Good roofing ventilation is the cornerstone of preserving your component's lifespan and performance. Have your roofer improve the roof's ventilation and improve interior heating. Excellent roof ventilation can also help you reduce monthly energy bills.

Hershey Exteriors has more questions to help you learn more about your roof's status. Learn more below.

What Material Was Used on My Roof?

A roof installation professional can rapidly assess the composition of your roof’s materials and its performance. They can provide guidance on how to maintain your roof appropriately. Asphalt is the most frequently used material for residential roofing since it is the least expensive to repair.

Is It Time to Replace My Roof?

Your contractor will be able to inform you of the remaining life of your roof before it must be replaced. While this time frame is not definite, it should provide an indication of how much time you have to prepare for and save for the new roof.

How Long Will the Job Take, and What Will You Do if the Weather Turns Bad?

Once the evaluation is complete, your inspector should be able to estimate the length of time required for a repair or replacement project. However, consider what would happen if a storm strikes while the roofers are working – will they cover the roof with tarps the day before bad weather is predicted, or will they wait and see?

What Should I Repair First?

The bad news is that the inspector is sure to identify multiple faults, but the good news is that the majority of these will be minor cosmetic issues. In other words, you can delay repairs if the roof has more serious problems.

However, if you are confused which faults are which, do not be afraid to ask the inspector for clarification. This enables you to schedule your repairs effectively.

How Are You Going to Safeguard My Driveway and Property?

If you choose a roof repair or replacement, you’ll want to know how the roofing company will maintain your driveway and landscaping. Typically, the team will advise you to park on the street to safeguard your car – and they will also offer advice on how to maintain your flower beds and other landscape features. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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