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Why Does Your Roof Need Soffits?

Soffits keep your roof in good shape and look stylish while doing so. Every roof has its soffit system. In French, soffit means "something fixed underneath" with the primary task of helping your roof ventilate and prolong its lifespan and performance. In this post, allow Roper Roofing & Solar to explain the importance of soffits.

Good Ventilation

Attic ventilation prolongs your roof's lifespan. During winter, it reduces the likelihood of ice dams forming on your roof. Alternatively, it releases the heat buildup on your roof during warm weather in spring and summer. 

Hot weather can damage your roof. The hot sheathing will accumulate and have your asphalt shingles absorb it. The temporary expansion due to heat will let moisture infiltrate your shingles, which can cause blisters later as the moisture turns to vapor and tires to escape.

Aesthetic Addition

Soffits can help your roof look great. They're the "skin" covering your eaves and rafters from debris and moisture. Without soffits, you'll have a skeletal-roofing roof that's easily infiltrated by moisture and other problems. You can find plenty of soffit styles and colors to make your home look unique.

Pest Removal

Soffits keep pests from entering your home. They introduce excellent ventilation while filtering out the debris and small animals that may enter your roof without proper soffit installations.

Over time, soffits and fascia will start deteriorating and need repairs. Below, Your Home Improvement Co. lists the signs it's time to have them replaced.

Soffits and fascia are part of the structure of your home, specifically your roof. Not only do they protect your roof by keeping out water, rodents, and debris, but they also give your home a more finished look. As with most things, soffits and fascia deteriorate over time if not well-maintained, and when this happens, it’s often easier to replace them rather than attempting a soffits and fascia repair. The following are just a few of many signs that it’s time to hire an Upper Midwest roofing company to replace your soffits and fascia.

1.  Cracks and Flaking Paint

As we mentioned, these components of your roof play a functional and aesthetic role. Since cracks not only look bad but also lead to leaking, it is usually best to hire a professional to remove the damaged pieces and install soffits and fascia system.

2.  Evidence of Pests

Nothing can be more annoying and troublesome than having pests in your home. Everything from bugs to rodents can cause severe damage to your roof. However, soffits and fascia are designed to keep them out of your roof and attic, so if you find that they are still getting into your household, it could indicate a problem with your system.

3.  Suspected Asbestos

Because asbestos is incredibly dangerous to your health and well-being, you should call a team of experts at the first sign that it might have been used in your existing soffits and fascia. Specialists can help determine whether you have a problem and how to deal with it safely and effectively. 

4.  Water in Roof Void

Water can quickly cause a lot of damage to your roof if left unnoticed. Whether it leads to rot, mold, or both, you could end up with some costly repairs before your home is even safe for you and your family again. For that reason, it’s best to regularly check your soffits and fascia to see if they are letting water leak in your roof void. (Continue reading here to learn more)

Roper Roofing & Solar is a renowned roofing contractor who can install, repair, and replace your home's roofs. We're a GAF-certified roofer and also offer high-quality solar panel and Timberline solar shingle installations. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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