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Flat Roof House Design: Is It Right for Your Denver Property?

If you’re about to replace the roof of your house or perhaps invest in a new property, you’d probably contemplate a flat roof house design. As you drive through the city of Denver CO, you notice that more and more residential properties use flat roofs.

What could be the reason? Is a flat roof house design the perfect choice for you?

Just like sloped roofing systems, flat roofs have strengths and drawbacks. To get the best bang for your buck, you need a handy guide that lets you know everything about a flat roof home plan:

  • Reasons to want it
  • Problems you may encounter
  • Common flat roof systems to choose from

Roper Roofing wants you to make a smart decision. With that, we invite you to read the points below.

Flat Roof House Design Pros and Cons

Advantages of Flat Roof Systems

1. Save money on roof installation

Are flat roofs cheaper than pitched roofs? We’re here to tell you “YES.” Flat roofing systems are more affordable because basically, roofing contractors work with a smaller surface area. They won’t work with a lot of materials, unlike roofing shingles where every piece matters. Notice that a flat roofing system installation has a faster turnaround time.

But just because a flat roof house design is cheaper doesn’t mean that the material to be used is of low quality. Many flat roof coverings can exceed 30 years with proper roofing maintenance and care.

2. Leverage modern aesthetics

view of entrance of modern house

A flat roof is a perfect option if you want a modern and compact look.

What about appearance? Yes, you have to consider the appeal of your house. They say that your roof is responsible for a significant percentage of property’s visual aesthetic. What a flat roof house design offers you is a modern appeal.

Modern house plans give the impression of spaciousness. It allows you to play with the look of your surroundings or exterior. Think about adding a huge rock in the middle of a monotonous yard or a DIY water fountain!

3. Build a flat roof garden

The beauty with flat roofs is that they can be utilized for different purposes. With commercial properties, flat roofs are used for holding equipment or solar panels. When it comes to residential homes, a flat roof house design may be converted into a garden.

A roof garden or green roofing entails planting bushes, vegetables, succulents, and other plants on a waterproofing roof membrane. Not only is this a beautiful feature of your home, but it also reduces the heat that enters through the roof. Now you enjoy a cooler indoor temperature and save on cooling!

4. Maintain it with ease

Experts discourage do-it-yourself roofing tasks especially with sloped roofs because they put homeowners at risk for falling. Imagine walking on a pitched roof without any experience at all. Scary, right?

With a flat roof house design, maintenance becomes easier. You can clean the flat surface when you need to. This ease of access offers the benefit of being able to see roofing issues to report to a professional roofing contractor.

Disadvantages of Flat Roof Systems

1. Prone to drainage issues

The most common complaint you hear about a flat roof house design is drainage. Modern flat roof house plans do not drain water the same way sloped roofs do. Sloped roofs shed water quickly because of gravity.

While flat roofs have a slight pitch to them, they need to be planned carefully by a skilled roofing company. There are guaranteed ways to find a credible residential roofer, and one of them is to check their licenses and certifications.

A good roofer will ensure proper drainage by providing the correct slope and suggesting the best drainage systems.

2. Need more frequent inspections

worker on flat roof house design

Flat roofs tend to collect water and debris which is why they need to be maintained regularly.

Because a flat roof is prone to drainage issues, you will need to inspect it more often. A professional inspection is recommended twice a year - during springtime and fall. However, you also need an inspection right after a storm has passed.

Call a roofing contractor if you notice ponding on the flat roof surface, leaks coming from the ceiling, blistering, and fallen branches.

Residential Flat Roof Materials

We already discussed common flat roof advantages and disadvantages. This time, let’s explore some flat roof coverings if you decide to install a flat roof.

1. EPDM roofing

This is a rubber roofing, single-ply membrane system that’s manufactured from recycled materials. With a lifespan of up to 35 years, an EPDM rubber roof reflects the heat of the sun. It’s known to be energy-efficient, so you’ll be able to lower your usage of your air conditioner.

A single sheet of an EPDM rubber roof can measure as wide as 50 feet. Since it comes in one piece, you won’t have to worry about seams. Here at Roper Roofing, we install EPDM roofing systems.

2. Built-up roof membrane

Typically referred to as BUR or a “tar and gravel roof,” a built-up roof membrane has existed in the roofing industry for at least 100 years. This established roofing system has a lifespan of 20-30 years. Some homeowners like a tar and gravel roof because it’s the least expensive flat roof material option.

3. TPO roofing

Another single-ply membrane that’s also known to be energy-efficient is a TPO roof. You’ll easily recognize TPO roofing because of its white surface. But nowadays, some manufacturers produce TPO roofs in various shades like red and green. Exciting, isn’t it?

4. PVC roofing

contractor installing pvc flat roof membrane

PVC roofing membranes are impressively strong.

What about PVC membranes? They can withstand fumes, chemicals, and acids. These are excellent materials to install beneath a roof garden. In this case, make sure that your PVC membrane is at least 1mm thick. Check out our PVC roofing installation service in Denver CO.

Will You Choose a Flat Roof House Design?

Flat roofs are popular options these days. With the information we shared, you can also tell that residential flat roof materials have more pros than cons.

If you need to install, replace, or repair residential flat roofing, you'll need an experienced Denver CO roofing contractor with experience and knowledge. Roper Roofing is the roofing company you'll need.

As a local roofing company, we’ll be here to handle all your roofing projects - from installations to repairs to replacements. Call us now at 720-307-7143.


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