What Denver Homeowners Should Know About Building a Modern Flat Roof House

The roof plays a significant part in the architectural design of any house. If you’re looking for something modern, flat roofs are the way to go. A modern flat roof house has a timeless appeal. It’s also practical in many ways.

Before you build a new roof in Denver CO, you must know everything you need to about a modern flat roof house. What are the pros and cons of flat roof design plans? What excellent materials should you use?

We’ll answer your questions in today’s post. Sit tight and keep reading.

Modern Flat Roof House Pros and Cons

A. Pros

1. Blends with any home exterior features

Let’s start with the looks because it’s the first thing that anyone notices. A modern flat roof house design is great in that it complements various features and details. For example, if you want an “older” exterior such as a Victorian landscape or an Anglo-Japanese, you can achieve that even with a flat roof. Who says that modernity and tradition can’t meet?

2. Allows you to use an extra floor

Pitched roofs don’t let you maximize space. With flat roof design plans, it’s the opposite. The space above the flat roof can be utilized for anything. You can grow a garden on your flat roof or build a deck. You may install solar panels or skylights to save energy. A rooftop pool also makes a luxurious feature if you can afford it! You see, flat roofs don’t have to be plain and boring.

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3. Perfect for minimalists

3d design of white house with flat roof

Houses with modern flat roofs appeal to people who live minimalistic lifestyles.

Some people embrace a minimalistic lifestyle. They want less of everything, especially fewer distractions. And it’s no secret that complicated house designs can be distracting. One of the “minimalist” benefits of a modern flat roof house is that it creates a feeling of more freedom. The straight lines create an appearance of a bigger space. A minimalist modern house with flat roof brings less stress and greater peace of mind.

4. Flat roofs are cheaper

Which is cheaper, a flat roof or a pitched roof? The answer is a flat roof. Flat roofs cost less because they need fewer materials. Pitched roofs, on the other hand, need rafters and other forms of support. Flat roofs take less time to complete. A 900-square flat roof may cost you $7,000 while a 900-square pitched roof reaches $9,000.

5. Good option for home extension projects

If you already have a house with a pitched roof, no problem. Along the way, you might think of adding more space. This will entail a home extension project. Flat roofing membranes make outstanding choices for roofing materials.

Previously, we published a guide about the benefits of a flat roof extension. In there, we mentioned that flat roofs match any home architectural design with a pitched roof. Also, your home extension project gets accomplished without delays.

6. Safer to walk on for roof maintenance and inspections

It’s harder to fall off a flat roof because of the very slight pitch. One can easily walk on a flat roof especially when he needs to inspect it. On the other hand, steep roofs put people at risk for falls.

Modern contemporary flat roof house plans can also add parapets for extra safety. Parapets are barriers that extend beyond the roofs of houses.

B. Cons

1. Drainage problems

Poor drainage is the biggest reason why many flat roofs leak in a few years. But don’t get us wrong. Not all flat roofs fail. Those that are poorly constructed do. Roofing contractors must make sure that they meet the minimum slope requirement for water drainage. If not, water sits on a flat roof for days and weakens the membrane.

2. Direct exposure to the heat of the sun

3d picture of white house with grey flat roof

Because a flat roof only has a slight pitch, the entire membrane is exposed to the heat of the sun.

Yes, your roof affects the temperature of your home. Specifically, the shape of your roof. Because flat roofs have an even surface, they absorb more heat than pitched roofs during the day. But don’t be discouraged by this if you want a modern flat roof house.

There are many ways to cool down a flat roof. These methods are not just applicable to commercial buildings, but also to modern flat roof homes. These methods include applying EPDM membrane roof coatings (if you have an EPDM roof) and installing spray foam.

What Is the Best Material to Use for Flat Roofs?

Prior to building a modern flat roof house, you must decide on the roofing material that works best for you. Here at Ropa Roofing, we install flat roofing systems for houses. Below, we listed the ones we specialize in.

1. EPDM flat roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (or EPDM for short) comes from synthetic rubber. EPDM’s resistance to building movements and temperature changes is its biggest advantage. The lifespan of an EPDM roof reaches 40 years. Common colors for EPDM are black and white. EPDM roofs also make eco-friendly options since they require little energy to create.

2. TPO flat roofing

contractor installing tpo white membrane

A TPO roof resists dirt and algae buildup. This roofing membrane used to be available in white. Now, you'll find various TPO colors.

They say that Thermoplastic Polyolefin (or TPO) combines the advantages of EPDM and PVC roofs. This is a fact. TPO flat roofs aren’t only durable, but they’re also reflective. Meaning, they cool down your house in warmer months. TPO roofs also entail faster installation times because of their size and flexibility. Available colors include white, grey, blue, and more.

3. PVC roofing

A modern house with flat roof benefits from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roofing. PVC roofs are known to withstand ponding, fires, and high winds. PVC roofs are proven to be great materials for decades. And yes, they do come in different colors!

Ready to Build a Modern Flat Roof House?

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our guide. We hope that the pros and cons of a flat roof for your house help you decide whether to get one or not. Aside from giving your Denver CO property a “modern-ish” feel, flat roofs offer many advantages. In fact, the pros outweigh the cons.

If you need a proven roofing contractor in Denver CO to build your modern flat roof house, choose Roper Roofing. We install flat roofing systems from top manufacturers. Let’s plan a successful project for you! Call us right now at 720-307-7174.

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