3 Affordable Solutions For Exceptional Property Insulation

Any high-quality Littleton, CO roofer will tell you that achieving exceptional property insulation requires top-notch roofing materials. In doing so, you achieve high-quality insulation and prevent leaks from causing massive, long-term water damage to your properties.

However, the roof is just one place that contributes to your overall residential insulation significantly. Here are three more affordable solutions you can use.

Attic SPF

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is easy to apply. Furthermore, there are DIY kits available from digital marketplaces. Use masks, goggles, and clothes that you won't need to wear again with long sleeves and pants to protect yourself from SPF oversprays. Apply the material to your attic interior, which faces the sheathing to improve the roof's overall insulation performance.

Caulking Cracked Basement and Residential Walls

Alternatively, you can use caulk to seal up the cracked basement and residential walls where air drafts enter and affect your residence's insulation. These small cracks evolve into more significant cracks due to the moisture present in the air. With caulking, you help your residence have efficient insulation and water damage protection too.

Using Seamless Siding (Such as SPF)

SPF is an easy-spray material that requires expertise to apply just-enough amounts to act as exterior siding. However, this service is best left to professionals because you'll need to coat with SPF the entire property.

If you're willing to make a considerable investment to help your residence's overall insulation performance, Home Guard Roofing and Restoration has a great list of energy-efficient roofing options. Read more about it below.

Metal Roofing

One of the best choices you could make for a roofing system is metal roofing. Metal roofs have proven that they can last up to 50 years when properly installed, and with their interlocking panels, they provide excellent resistance to wind and nasty weather. They are relatively lightweight, which reduces the stress on the building supports, and they are also fireproof, which can be a significant advantage in an arid climate. They are incredibly energy-efficient, and they also are available in colors and styles to suit just about every taste, so they have almost universal appeal as a potential roofing solution.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing offers some unique advantages as a roofing system, starting with the fact that it’s perfect for insulation. Since air can easily circulate under the tiles themselves, energy can be conserved during both warm weather and cold weather. Tiles are also highly resistant to fire, and any kind of damage which might be sustained by hail or stormy weather. This is another roofing system which typically enjoys a very long lifespan, so it’s a good investment from the longevity standpoint, as well as from the energy-efficiency perspective. To top it all off, roofing tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so they can be installed on almost any structure, and still blend in nicely with other buildings in the neighborhood.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When seeking out energy-efficient asphalt shingles, you should bear in mind that there are asphalt shingles sold which are not considered energy-efficient, and there’s a big difference between the two types. The energy-efficient variety are actually made with special granules that contribute to reducing heat absorption, while ordinary shingles lack these special granules. Believe it or not, this can make a difference of 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface of a roof – so imagine the difference felt in the building below. (Continued)

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