Can I Trust My Reputable Littleton, CO Roofer's Suggestions During an Online Consultation?

With the quarantine period still uncertain on when it can end, it's best to assume that most of your interactions with Littleton, CO professional home builders, and roofers will only be through online web calls. Thankfully, technology allows you to reach and talk to people in other houses and in any part of the world without any hitches nowadays.

However, for some property owners, the efficacy of online consultations for roofing seems questionable. It's right for most professionals: having physical interaction with the actual roof is better than just seeing it through the customer's device. Furthermore, they might find the lens's limited angle and pixels, limiting the visibility and details of the roof.

On the other hand, professional roofers in Littleton, CO, don't need to frequently interact with your roofing material to know what's wrong with it. In most cases, answering your roofer's question and verifying the presence of specific blemishes, missing materials, and other details will help determine the root cause of your roofing's problems

In doing so, they can provide useful advice on non-DIY repair cures and remedies for your roof until it's possible for roofers to set foot on residential roofs and perform its much-needed fixes and repairs. But for now, you can talk to dependable roofers, such as us at Roper Roofing, to learn more about your roof's condition. Then, we'll help you resolve those problems entirely afterward.

If you're puzzled about the questions that are useful to ask your roofing contractor, Remodart has a great list of questions to inspire you to create more -- or you can ask these directly. Read more about them below.


Ask your contractor how long they’ve been working in the industry and how long since they’ve established a company, this is a pretty simple question, and contractors should not hesitate before giving you an adequate answer. Typically, contractors with an experience of more than five years are ideal.


No doubt, this is one of the most important questions to ask a roofer. Is the person even qualified to be working on your roof? Also, any worker needs to be insured just in case he gets injured while doing your work; his insurance protects you from any liability. Uninsured workers could end up costing you a pretty penny, so it’s better to be careful.

Look up the necessary licensing requirements in your area so that you have a fair idea of the licensing the job requires. And always check the legal documents!


Some contractors will use subcontractors to handle roofing work. Ask your contractor if they use subcontractors for your work. If your contractor does, then get verification if the subcontractor workers have workman’s compensation and general liability insurance.

If your contractor is using subcontractors, you might want to grab a waiver that protects you in case the contractor doesn’t pay his subcontractors.


It is very unsafe to install a new roof over an old roof. One of the things to consider when replacing a roof is to ask whether the old roof will get checked. If your contractor declines to check the attic, then you shouldn’t hire him! If the roof does not get inspected for any worn out shingles, rotten wood, this will potentially add up in your future bills and will become an additional hefty fine. Make sure your contractor agrees to remove and thoroughly inspect your old roof first. (Continued)

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