How to Perform Post-Winter Roof Inspections The Best Way

Every after winter, you'd definitely expect your roof to be in the most terrible condition, and we won't blame you for it. As long-time Denver CO roofers, we know that post-winter, roofs are in terrible shape. You might find you have brittle and weakened roofing materials. In addition, you might find some of them missing, your underlayment is giving in, and you're having a poor time trying to contain the entire situation such as leaking and insulation damages right after winter.

Now, as spring is approaching, it's important to identify the numerous issues your roof currently has with an effective roofing inspection. True enough, your reliable Denver CO roofers reliable Denver CO roofers can do this for you free of charge. Unfortunately, with the huge influx of roofing inspection and service inquiries, you might find yourself having trouble inserting your inspection request.

To ensure you know your roof is in proper condition, here are a few ways to know how to perform a post-winter roof inspection on your own. Moonworks has a great list of post-winter roof inspection tips to help you through the entire process. Read more about it below.

How to Inspect for Roof Damage

Worried about roof damage?   Fear not!  Here are 6 quick things to look for when performing a post-winter roof inspection:

Roofing Shingles

Check to see if any shingles have lifted, gone missing or if you have roofing granules in your yard.  All of these are signs that the shingles are starting to deteriorate and weaken, which can be a gateway for ice and water to enter your home.

Ice Formations

Ice is a tell tale sign that there is something wrong with your roof.  Ice can lift, pop and move shingles, compromising your home’s roofing system.  Ice Dams can also be an indication of inadequate attic insulation and/or roof insulation and venting.

Irregular Roof Staining

Has your roof taken on a few new colors?  This staining can be a sign that the nails under the roof are rusty.  While there are some roof cleaning companies that claim they can get the stains out, it is best to consult a professional to be sure there isn’t any further damage.  If the staining really is from algae, consult your asphalt shingle manufacturers for the best cleaning method (that won’t void your warranty). (Continued)

One of the biggest signs you definitely need a roof repair or replacement is if your roof is unstable due to wet and heavy snow. Snow is much heavier than rainfall and hail, which will have them sag and shorten the lifespan of your roofing material. Sagging ceilings, creaking or cracking noises, and difficult-to-open windows or doors are signs that your roof is suffering immense pressure from snow. Cleaning them off completely is the best course of action right after your roof inspection.

To make sure you always have the best roofing repairs right after your inspection, don't hesitate to contact us at Roper Roofing. With decades of experience and working with a team of professional roofers, we guarantee only the best results for all your roofing needs. Contact us today.

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