How Can You Know If Your Roof Is In Good Condition Right Now?

Roofing is an important part of any property. Unfortunately, they're one of the most-exposed parts of your home, especially when there are severe rainstorms and hailstorms in your area. Thankfully, superior roofing materials are now available. But still, they do not last forever -- and they'll eventually weaken due to usual material wear and tear. So, even if you have excellent roofing, how can you know if it's in a good condition even now?

First, you can choose to survey your roofs condition from the bottom up. Use a ladder to head up your roof. Make sure to read up on how to traverse your roof carefully to avoid damaging your roofing materials. For example, clay tile roofs need you to walk on the balls of your feet and not on your toes. In addition, you need to wear soft-soled shoes walking up to your roof to avoid damaging any roofing material at all.

Then, use a garden hose and run water across the roof. Doing this allows you to see whether your roof will cause internal water leaks. Furthermore, you can check the gutter system's overall condition too. Most gutters tend to have problems with clogging if left unattended. Once you've noted all issues, you can now call your trusty roofing contractor in Littleton, CO for any necessary roofing maintenance.

You only need roofing maintenance twice a year. In fact, you won't need to inspect your roof because your roofers can do it on your behalf without any problems.

First American Roofing has an excellent article to help you inspect your roof. Read more about it below

1. Inspect Your Roof’s Gutters

The first thing we always do when doing a roof inspection is to look at the gutters. If your contractor has a detailed report on the gutter situation of your roof, then that is a good sign they know what they are doing.

A contractor should always look at how the gutters are attached. This is because the drip edge cannot be replaced if the gutters are attached through the drip edge.

In addition, if there is a gutter guard, then it may need to be removed if a new drip edge is needed — which will cost more in terms of time and labor.

While looking at the gutters, the contractor should also take a peek at the underlayments to see what exist there and to get an overall better picture at how the roof was initially constructed.

2. Make Sure To Inspect Your Roof’s Flashing

The flashing is another important detail a contractor should carefully consider when giving an estimate. Without getting up on the roof, they will not be able to tell whether or not it needs to replaced, as well as what kind of flashing it is.

If the contractor doesn’t bother to check out the flashing, they are is no way they can accurately estimate the cost or what the process will be like. As a result change orders will likely be necessary which can be a major headache for homeowners. (Continued)

Lastly, make sure only to work with dependable roofing contractors in your immediate vicinity. If you have yet to find a trustworthy roofer, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!


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