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The Cause of Roof Replacement Delays

Roof replacement is an essential part of your system's cycle. As decades pass, the roof's material and integrity deteriorates. Most asphalt shingle roofs have a 20-30-year lifespan, giving you enough time to invest in a new roof. Unfortunately, your projects can get delayed and cause detrimental damage to your property. Here are several causes of roof replacement delays.

Inclement Weather

Problematic weather will cause roofers to delay your roof's installation until things improve. Bad weather makes it challenging to tear off the roof system and check it from the inside. Furthermore, your roofers will face poor footing as drizzles can make traversal challenging. That said, schedule your roof replacements during spring and summer – two seasons with a low risk of bad weather.

Change of Mind

Some homeowners have a change of heart in their choice of roofing material and have to look for alternative products suitable for the color, style, or shade they need. If your preferred roof material is also unavailable, you'll take more time to find a suitable replacement material. Most roofers can cut your material research time short by looking for your materials before the roof replacement begins.

Unpredictable Issues

Even with everything happening on schedule and all materials accounted for, there is still a small risk of something causing delays to your project. It could be a delay in delivering the essential equipment for your replacement or something else. 

A bad roofing job can cause significant roof replacement delays. Learn how it can affect you and your roof in this post by Home Reference.

One of the most expensive parts of your home to repair is the roof. Sadly, this is also one of the most common places to find poor workmanship. A badly built or repaired roof can lead to numerous problems in the future, including further roof work and structural damage due to leaks.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to spot a bad roofing job. The following are several common signs that your roofer wasn’t worth the cost.

Appearance Tests

A large percentage of poor roofing jobs can be spotted easily; some are even visible from the ground. In most cases, these visual signs will occur long after the roof is built and will be the result of storm damage or general erosion.

Spotting any of these shortly after a roofing job, especially if there were no major storms, can be a prime indicator that the roofing contractor did a poor job.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

After a major storm, it is not uncommon to find some shingle damage. However, if your home is the only one on the block to suffer such damage, the quality of the roof itself must be brought into question.

Small sections of shingle can be replaced without needing to repair the entire roof, although you should get a professional roof inspection in the event the damage is unique to your home.


Water leaks may often be spotted by black stains on your roof. Inspect any such stains closely, and check your attic in those areas to determine the extent of the leak and any damage which has resulted from it.

Isolated leaks can sometimes be fixed without replacing the entire roof, but extensive damage, including numerous spots where the grainy surface of the shingles has come off, points to a much larger problem that requires extensive repair work and possibly a new roof.


Under normal circumstances, a roof will wear evenly along each individual side. This is true even if one side faces into the weather and the other away from it. Check your roof often to make sure one side isn’t wearing down too quickly.

As you look for signs of damage, take note of any shingles which are the wrong color or size. Mismatched shingles are a common sign of your contractor cutting corners and can lead to additional damage.

A difference in materials may also mean that the new sections of roof will age at a different rate than the rest of the roof, leading to further repair jobs down the road.

Structural Tests (Continue Reading Here to Learn More)

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