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Asphalt Shingles Installation

asphalt shingles installation

Contemporary….a wide variety of colors….energy efficiency…. easy to install…. long-lasting
Many Austin, TX homeowners turn towards asphalt shingle roofs because of these benefits.

Professional asphalt shingle installations need the steadiest hands and most dependable professionals, which is why you should hire Roper Roofing & Solar for all your asphalt shingle needs.


Why Choose Asphalt Roofs For Your Austin, TX Home?

25-Year Average lifespan

On average, the best asphalt shingle roofs have a 25-year average lifespan thanks to modern manufacturing practices by the most dependable brands such as GAF and Owens-Corning.

Low Maintenance

High-quality asphalt shingle roofs don’t require frequent maintenance and they’re easily replaceable because of their local availability. In addition, excellent roofers can nip many of its underlying issues before they get worse with regular yearly or bi-yearly inspections.

Asphalt shingle roofs are lightweight which is an advantage because they are easy to install and repair. They are also durable enough to last for years which means they do not need to be replaced often.

The Most Affordable Roofing Material Out there

You can get a high-quality asphalt shingle roof for about $ 5 per square foot. It’s one of the most affordable roofing materials that offer quality with its median price.

Why Choose Roper Roofing and Solar to Install Your Roof?

Long-Term Experience

We’ve been working on various asphalt shingle roof homes for decades. We guarantee only the best results, equipment, and personnel for all your roofing needs.

Dependable and Friendly Professionals

You can learn more about our roofing methods and services from our on-site teams. Plus, if you need to modify and improve on anything involving your roof, we’re always listening!

Works Only With The Best Brands

We work with and are fully certified by the following top-tier roofing material manufacturers:

GAF Logo

GAF is one of the leading manufacturers of asphalt shingles, such as the GAF Timberline

Owens Corning

Owens Corning:
Owens-Corning’s TrueDefinition shingle lines are always our biggest hit with local Austin, TX properties.

tamko logo

The TAMKO Heritage shingle line has been in production for over 60 years and has been used on more than 10 million homes.


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