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Torch Down Roofing Austin, TX

torch down flat roofing

Torch down roofing remains one of the most practical and excellent roofing investments any property owner can use. Modified bitumen that is melted down on your roof can withstand the most extreme winters and hottest summers. Plus, you get more than three decades of its lifespan protecting your property. However, its durability greatly depends on who will install it.

At Roper Roofing and Solar, we’re greatly capable of handling your torch-down roofing needs. With our 15 years of experience installing roofs for commercial properties, we’re highly confident that we can achieve the results for your torch down roofing needs.


Why Use Torch Down Roofing For Your Austin, TX Property?

Torch down roofing doesn’t just guarantee an easy and quick roofing installation. It gives you one of the highest-quality roofing outputs possible. Here are three benefits you can get from torch-down roofing.

flat roof insulation

Increased Insulation

Melting the tar and asphalt on the roof of the building in torch down roofing will create a seal on the roof, which will help to reduce air infiltration and drafts and stop indoor temperature from escaping.

no leak

Enhanced Leak Resistance

During the heat treatment, the modified bitumen is heated to very high temperatures while being rotated. This process causes the asphalt to bind together and form a coating that is not water permeable at all. This coating makes it very difficult for water to penetrate the roof and leak inside.

indoor air

Improved Air Quality

Torch down roofing will bring better insulation, which will consequently improve indoor air quality. An airtight property reduces the amount of dust and dirt in the home. When a home is more insulated, it prevents air from escaping and less air needs to be exchanged for clean air. This means that the air we breathe in our homes is cleaner because we are not breathing in as many particles and contaminants.

We Only Work With The Most Dependable Brands

Roper Roofing and Solar can only guarantee the best results for your roofing needs by working with the most trustworthy brands out there. We only use materials manufactured by these two companies.

Certain Teed Saint Gobain

CertainTeed: Certainteed’s Flintlastic GTA is capable of lasting 20 years and deliver outstanding installation, durability, and long-term lifespan.

GAF Logo

GAF: GAF’s Ruberoid Torch Smooth Membrane can last for 20 years and guarantee zero leaks and air leaks from the inside.

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