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Roof Tiles Installation in Denver, CO

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Roof Tiles

Discover the perfect alternative to asphalt shingles with the enduring beauty of roof tiles. If you're seeking a roofing material that can stand the test of time, roof tiles are the ideal choice, with a lifespan that can reach up to a hundred years. Embrace the multitude of benefits that roof tiles offer, from providing exceptional protection for your valuable investments to their wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your property.

When you're in need of roof tiles in Denver, CO, look no further than Roper Roofing. As a trusted roofing company, we specialize in roof tile installations, catering to the needs of property owners. With our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality, value-oriented roofing services, you can trust us to provide you with the best solutions for your roofing needs.

Common Roofing Tile Materials

When it comes to selecting the perfect roofing material and style for your home, it's essential to have a deeper understanding of the available options. We recommend considering the following roofing tile materials:


For a timeless and charming aesthetic, clay tiles have been a popular choice in roofing structures since the 19th century. With their classic appeal, clay tiles impart a sense of warmth and character to any home. Not only are clay tiles durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions including heavy rain, hail, and snowstorms, but they are also easily replaceable and repairable. In fact, modern clay tiles have undergone advancements that significantly prolong their lifespan, reaching beyond 70+ years. With proper installation and regular maintenance, these modern clay tiles offer outstanding durability and performance, making them an excellent choice for any property.


With advancements in modern technology, manufacturers now have the ability to create metal roofs that closely resemble the appearance of clay tiles. From a distance, the similarity is striking. However, when it comes to longevity and durability, metal roof tiles outshine traditional clay or asphalt tiles. To achieve this remarkable resemblance, most manufacturers meticulously shape metal shingles into clay or slate tile-like forms. These metal tiles then undergo an earth-colored coating process, perfectly matching the aesthetic and hues of actual clay or slate tiles. The end result is an exceptional blend of the aesthetics, longevity, and durability that metal roofs offer.

Boral Roofing

Boral Roofing is the ultimate destination for those seeking timeless and stunning tile roofs.

Clay Roof Tiles

Immerse yourself in the diverse range of styles and profiles that our clay roof tiles have to offer. These tiles embody the natural beauty of wood shake and slate while providing additional benefits such as eco-friendliness, fire resistance, and hail resistance. Choose this product for a roof that not only enhances your property's aesthetics but also offers superior protection.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Discover the endurance and resilience of Boral's concrete roofing tiles. Designed to withstand the most challenging weather conditions, these tiles are classified as Class 4 Impact Resistant. According to Boral Roofing, Class 4 tiles can withstand impacts from 2-inch ice balls traveling at speeds of up to 70 mph. Rest assured that your roof will remain intact, providing you with peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Manufacturers Roper Roofing Trusts for Roof Tiles Installation Denver, CO

We’ve found the following manufacturers provide value-for-money when it comes to the durability, functionality, and lifespan of their manufactured tile roofing materials.

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GAF is an excellent shingle roofing and accessories manufacturer. Their Tile Look asphalt shingles combine the aesthetic of clay tiles and durability and lifespan of asphalt shingles. This line of designer asphalt shingles has won them several awards.


Combining the curb appeal of clay tile and the sturdiness and longevity of metal roofs, Certainteed is our top choice when it comes to excellent residential and commercial metal roofing materials.

Owens Corning

To make sure all our tile and metal roofs provide the best waterproofing, UV protection, and insulation for any property, we use Owens Corning’s self-adhered WeatherLock® Specialty Tile & Metal underlayment.

Roof Tiles


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Use Roper Roofing to Provide the Best Roof Tile Services For Your Denver CO Property

Even the best roofing tile materials will lose their durability and lifespan if improperly installed. With our experience, training, and state-of-the-art equipment and practices, we are confident we will deliver the best roofing services for your property.