11 Things to Ask a Denver Colorado Residential Roofing Contractor

If you're planning to remove or install your residential roof, you'll need the best pairs of hands in Denver Colorado. To find them, knowing what to ask residential roofing contractor before hiring will save you plenty of time and money.

This entire post is an essential hiring a roofing contractor checklist. In fact, these questions to ask when hiring a roofing company helps you know more about their work quality and ethics. Furthermore, these interview questions for roofers help you learn what to look for in a roofer, when should you pay a roofer, and dealing with roofing contractors in particular.

Questions To Ask Roofing Contractors

  1. Are You Licensed?
  2. Do All Employees Have Workman's Compensation?
  3. Can You Remove My Entire Roof? (plus 8 more questions)

What To Ask Residential Roofing Contractor Before Hiring

Are You Licensed?

Licenses ensure your chosen Denver Colroado roofing contractor has government and professional labor regulation. In addition, Colorado law requires all roofing contractors to have licensing before operating.

If you know what to ask residential roofing contractor before hiring, you avoid possible roofing contractor fraud. Furthermore, their license gives you recourse in case they do certain mistakes while handling the project.

Do All Your Employees Have Workman's Compensation?

What to ask residential roofing contractor before hiring in Denver Colorado? Check if their employees have general employee insurance.

Workman's compensation policies guarantee any accident on-site is never the property owner's fault. Instead, the contractor will supply the necessary financial and qualitative support through the insurance policy.

Additionally, workman's compensation is a sign the company is reliable because they undergo regular health and welfare checks to qualify for their policies.

Can You Remove My Entire Roof?

If you're wondering what to ask residential roofing contractor to help you save money, complete roof tear-offs is something you won't bother talking much about.

In truth, most homeowners will rather have roofers inspect the roof and hear it just needs re-shingling with a new bundle of asphalt shingles. Unfortunately, rotten roof deck wood and soft deck spots hide under the premise of simple shingle repairs.

Therefore, having a partial roof tear-off allows your contractors to fully inspect the area and deliver repairs that help drive down your costs in the future.

a roofing contractor carefully prying off asphalt shingles for inspection

Some contractors can just recommend a roof re-shingling. While it sounds affordable, it also hides possible damages that will result to expensive future repairs.

Do You Have Insurance for Any Damages to My Property?

General liability insurance protects your property in case the contractor does detrimental damage to it. For example, a structural tear-off error results in your entire roof deck caving in. In turn, it caused structural damage to several rooms in your home.

The insurance policy acts as a financial shield for both the homeowner and contractor by taking care of all issues within the roofer's coverage. However, don't settle for a verbal confirmation. Instead, ask to see their general liability insurance certificate.

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a heat welder used for melting roof membranes against roof decks

General liability insurance helps you deal with damages resulting from possible accidents, such as heat-weld caused fires.

Will You Take Care of My Drip Edge Installations?

Some roofers tend to skip on drip edge installation for a number of reasons or excuses. However, if you're not aware of it, they will definitely skip over it. Therefore, asking and confirming drip edge installation, and being consistent in asking for its installation, helps your contractor remember.

However, reliable roofing contractors will cite drip edge installation for your gutters as part of their estimates. On the other hand, some residential homeowners might feel it is "extra" service that drives up the total roofing costs. This isn't the case because drip edges make sure the wooden fascia of your roof is well-protected.

What Measures Will You Take To Protect My Gutters During Construction?

Seeing a roofing contractor with a ladder is most often a part of the job. However, roofing contractors do not have a regular ladder. Their ladders have standoffs or ladder stabilizers. These arm-like components rest on the siding of your roof. By taking off the weight against the gutters, the ladder guarantees its structural safety.

How Will You Manage Trash and Debris During Construction?

True enough, any roof replacement or installation site can turn messy. Old shingles and roofing material can't just sit on your lawn or on the driveway. Responsible and reliable roofing contractors will always bring a container in the form of tarpaulin or thick plastic containers to make sure the entire work area is clean.

a clean and well-managed roof replacement construction area

Cleanliness helps prevent accidents and untoward damages during your roof installation, which makes it extremely important.

When a Storm Hits, How Will You Protect The Bare Roof?

Inclement weather is always a possibility for any roofing project. Roofing contractors who are always prepared will use tarpaulins and thick plastic to cover your roof deck and prevent possible leaks. In addition, well-prepared contractors will have lawn leak shields to prevent concrete foundation damage due to submerged yard soil.

Are You Locally Based?

Local contractors servicing your area for decades are the most reliable. These companies can give you a phone number and physical address from the start of their service. In addition, they guarantee you will have recourse in case things go wrong at any part of your project.

Do You Provide Labor and Material Warranties?

All roofers provide labor warranties. In fact, reputable roofing contractors offer about 2-3 years of workmanship guarantee from the end date of the roof service. Furthermore, they have manufacturer's licensing that allows their clients to receive the full benefit of decades-lasting material warranties. Trivia: even the most affordable roofing materials have more than 10 years in material warranties.

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How Much Is The Plywood for Roof Decks?

Roofing contractors do not forget to replace roof decks. However, some contractors will never mention how much a roof deck plywood can be. Roof deck plywoods are only $1 per sheet. Ask your contractor this, and you'll avoid huge cost disputes after the project ends.

Wrapping Up

All roofing projects will need a reliable roofing contractor. In asking these questions, you set up a good working relationship with them from the start. Additionally, these questions you ask will weed out any unscrupulous group trying to con your money with false roofing service advertisements.

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