3 Things to Keep In Mind Before Winter Snow Hits Your Solar Panels

Contrary to popular opinion, solar panels do work during the winter, but they will need your help. They can resist the lowest temperatures and collect energy from the sun’s rays. First, however, you’ll need to do the following to aid your solar panel’s performance before the snow hits in Golden, CO.

Steep Angle Adjustments

You’ll need to head up your roof manually and check on your solar panel’s angle. Then, you’ll need to adjust it accordingly at a steeper angle because the sun is at a lower angle before summer. Once done, check your battery charging levels to ensure you’re getting better electrical returns.

Time-Tested Energy-Saving Practices

You’re not turning off and unplugging unused appliances simply because you want to save electricity. Instead, you do so because you want to have enough energy before sundown. Removing appliance plugs, using lights in rooms that you’re using, and unplugging your laptops and other internet devices once they’re fully charged are great examples of energy-saving practices.

Insulate Your Batteries

Lastly, insulate your batteries and make sure they’re in working order at all times. Most solar panel batteries cannot function and store energy properly during the lowest temperatures of the year. So make sure they have enough insulation and heating to keep them functional.

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Solar Panels and Snow

If snow is layered on top of your solar panels and does not slide off or melt on its own, you may want to intervene. Remove snow from solar panels using a broom or roof rake made of a non-abrasive material that will not scratch the panels’ tempered glass surface. Ground-level panel mounts are easy to access for brushing off snow, but if your panels are roof-mounted, you might simply wait for the snow to melt. The panels are dark-colored, coated with anti-reflective material and designed to absorb light and heat, so their higher-than-ambient temperature facilitates melting. If you decide to brush snow from rooftop units, however, exercise extreme caution. Use high-grip footwear and a harness if needed.

Adjusting Panel Angle

The optimal position of solar panels for photovoltaic production is directly facing the sun. Since the path of the sun changes according to season, adjusting the angle of your solar panels accordingly can increase energy production. Tweaking the panel angles, however, is only possible for pole-mounted panels or setups with adjustable panels. It will not work for fixed panels, the positioning of which has usually been strategized for maximal yearly sunlight by the installer.

Energy Conservation

Although an ideal practice at any time of year, conserving energy usage during the winter months is particularly advisable, since energy is at greatest demand during this period. The less energy is utilized, the less dependence you’ll have on supplemental energy provision from utility companies. Among the ways to cut down on electricity usage are the following: (Continue reading here to learn more.)

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