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Can GAF's Timberline Solar Outdo Solar Panels?

Solar panels are one of the most important inventions of today because they have solved many blackout and power shortage issues worldwide. In addition, it's a great way to minimize dependence on fossil fuel and maximize our use of abundant sunlight that's nearly infinite as long as the source is alive. 

Solar energy technologies are reaching a new critical milestone starting from GAF's Timberline Solar Shingles revolutionizing roofing by combining solar energy collection technologies and roofing materials in a single, easy-to-install, and affordable package.

Timberline solar shingles work similarly to solar panels. They need consistent sunlight exposure to collect energy. Instead of using steel drilled panels, GAF's Timberline solar shingles go through the typical asphalt shingle nailing method. 

This small but effective feature allows typical roofers to master their installation process with a short in-depth certification course. In addition, Timberline's existing "solid state" technology uses traditional roofing materials to speed up and simplify installation procedures.

While solar panels are still dominant in solar energy collection efficiency with their 25% rating, solar shingles are only a little behind at 20% and quite higher price-wise because it uses special GAF-only materials from limited suppliers.

However, the future for solar shingles is bright even if they can't outdo solar panels at present. GAF has paved the way for the future of solar shingles, and everyone will benefit from them.

Want to know more about the GAF Timberline Solar Shingles? Read more about it from Solar Reviews below.

GAF’s solar shingle design combines the conventional asphalt roof shingle material they’re known for with the monocrystalline solar cells of a solar panel. 

The top portion of the shingle is made of asphalt, which means it can be nailed right to the roof like regular shingles - no racking or extra mounting equipment necessary. This makes it incredibly easy for roofing contractors to install them. 

The bottom portion of the solar shingle is what will generate the electricity. When installed, that portion will overlap the asphalt material of the solar shingle before it. The shingles lay flush against your roof, staying right in line with the regular asphalt shingles covering the remainder of the surface of the roof. 

All of the wiring is located on the side of the shingle, where they can be easily connected together to create a functioning solar electric system. 

Can you install GAF solar shingles without having to get a roof replacement?

No, you can’t get GAF solar shingles installed without an accompanying roof replacement.

GAF solar shingles must be installed by a GAF-certified contractor at the same time as a roof replacement, or during the construction of a new roof. So, if you just got your roof replaced and are looking to go solar, you’ll probably want to stick with regular rooftop solar panels. 

How much do GAF’s solar shingles cost?

As of January 2022, GAF has not released any official pricing for their solar shingles. 

However, GAF Energy President Martin DeBono told the Washington Post that a full roof replacement and GAF solar shingle installation would cost $42,000 for his home. Once incentives are considered, the price would drop to $30,000. 

Frankly, these numbers don’t really mean anything because we don’t know the size of DeBono’s roof or solar system. He did compare it to a traditional roof replacement and solar panel installation, which he says would cost about $52,000 before incentives, and $44,000 after. 

So, according to DeBono’s estimates, getting a roof replacement with GAF solar shingles would be cheaper than getting your roof replaced by a roofing company and a separate solar installation by a solar company. It would also be cheaper than installing a Tesla solar roof, which would cost the average home around $50,000, as well. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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