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Considerations Before Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels installations are quick. It just takes one day or two to complete a system installation. If you have a sturdy roof, the entire process will flow smoothly. Have a seamless solar panel installation process by taking note of the following considerations.

The Roof's Overall Condition

A roof in poor shape will delay solar panel installations. You can have a roofing inspection before installing solar panels. Better yet, choose a solar panel installation company with a roofing background. For example, Roper Roofing and Solar is a company that can do residential roofing and solar panel installations.

Shape and Slope

Your roof's shape and slope determines the solar panel installation challenge. The installation team can quickly learn the accessories that will hold your solar panel in place if they know the roof's shape and slope. That said, your costs might increase due to the challenge and accessories needed for installation.

Roof Weight

Solar panels will bear down on your roof material. A heavy roof will need additional joists, rafters, and other important components to support the entire system. Your roofer might suggest additional reinforcements to keep your solar panels and heavy roof propped up for decades.

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Where will the water go?

When it rains, water runs down the roof, into the gutters and out and away from your home. When installing solar panels, equipment like racking and wire harnesses can prevent the water from flowing and draining properly. In some cases, solar equipment can move the water in a different direction, which can create leaks and other problems. These problems will need repair, which means the solar panels will need to be removed.

To avoid all of these issues, make sure that you inform your contractor of these concerns. They will be able to present a plan to you to prove that the installation will not impact the water runoff in any way.

What about nature’s other surprises?

Part of maintaining your solar power system is dealing with severe weather like lightning storms, hurricanes, hail, and more. There is a potential for some solar power equipment to get damaged during these events. While some insurance will cover these types of events, it is something to consider, especially if you live in an area where this type of weather occurs often.

How do you connect to the grid?

In addition to the structure and shape of your roof, you also need to consider how you are going to connect your solar power system to the grid. When connecting with a local utility, there are many things that you need to determine. (Continued)

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