Solar Power Benefits for Farmlands

The growth of solar power in the agriculture industry has been a steady and consistent trend. In 2013, there were less than 1000 farms with solar panels installed. Now, there are more than 16,000 farms that have installed solar panels.

In the past year, the industry has been growing at 23% annually. This is due to decreased costs resulting from increased competition in the market and improved technology. The decrease in prices has made it easier for farmers to install panels on their land. With this increased adoption by agriculture companies, solar power is beginning to impact decreasing carbon emissions and climate change goals established by the Paris Agreement.

Growing Demand for Solar Energy in Agriculture

The solar power industry is booming, driven by government policies and technological advances.

The world needs to find new energy sources to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. With the advancement of technology, alternatives are becoming more affordable and accessible. The need for sustainable development has increased interest in solar energy. Governments worldwide are providing subsidies or mandating utilities to source a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

There are many advantages of using solar energy for agriculture purposes. Farmers can use it when the sun is shining, which means they do not rely on traditional methods like diesel generators. The technology even allows them to do away with costly power lines that are often unreliable because they are susceptible to outages during storms or other extreme weather events. Solar panels also provide clean energy that doesn't produce any greenhouse gases.

Sustainability Times has an excellent post about solar energy's contribution to the future of solar energy in this post below.

Covering low-light plants

Farmers struggle to produce many light- and heat-intolerant crops as the global temperature increases. High-demand vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, leaf lettuce, spinach, squash and more require shade to reach optimal growth cycles. Farmers can utilize solar panels to shade their low-light plants, increasing the abundance of their yields.

Environmentalists coined the term agrivoltics, signifying farming processes using solar panels. The panels protect the crops from light-related damage, as the plants cool off the solar systems when they perspire. Renewable devices decrease in efficiency when they overheat so low-light crops can preserve their production rates.

Floatovoltic-covered canals

The agricultural industry is also using solar panels to conserve necessary natural resources. Farming requires vast quantities of fresh water. The evaporation rate follows as the global temperature rises, leaving regions in extended droughts.

Environmental engineers and scientists developed a sustainable solution by placing panels over canals. Agricultural professionals plan on installing solar systems over the water sources supporting California’s farms. Researchers predict the project may save nearly 65 billion gallons of water annually by reducing evaporation effects.

Other engineers developed photovoltaic (PV) panels that float, helping protect all water sources from the effects of climate change. PV technology works by converting solar radiation into a direct current of emission-free electricity. Because the panels float on water surfaces, professionals named them floatovoltic systems.

The floatovoltic panels can increase the national clean energy supply and the abundance of fresh water for agricultural development. Together, the industries can minimize harmful ecological effects and improve resource conservation efforts.

The enhanced greenhouse effect also limits agricultural production due to animals overheating. Grazing livestock like cattle and sheep require shade when temperatures rise. Farmers can utilize solar panels in their fields to provide their animals with sufficient shelter. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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