5 Reasons You Want a Good Solar Installation Team To Have Roofing Knowledge

A solar installation team can give you great advice on everything regarding solar panels and savings. However, a capable solar installation team with roofing experience can do so much more for you.

Solar Panels Rest on Roofing Material

Roofing is an adaptable engineering skill requiring developing a blueprint from scratch to proof. Therefore, if you have a solar panel team in Littleton, CO with experience in the roofing and solar panels, you won't have any future solar panel problems.

Advice On Roofing Replacements

You'll want to have a good, long-lasting roof before installing your solar panels. A dependable solar panel installation team with roofing experience can give you the best advice on roofing replacements.

Conducting On-The-Spot Repairs and Replacements

Plus, these dependable solar panel installation teams with roofing skills can perform roof repairs or replacements for you. Doing this helps you save so much time and resources.

Guaranteed Parts and Labor

When you use manufacturer-certified roofing and solar panel installation teams, you get full lifetime warranties on your roof parts. The installation team has separate warranties for their labor quality, too.

Reliable Repeat Business

Your roof and solar panels will indeed last as long as manufacturers intended them. However, when it's time for replacements, working with professionals in the past is always handy. Plus, you can have them conduct maintenance regularly, too.

AltEnergyMag has a great article and interview with a roofing professional about the convergence between roofing professionals and solar panel installations. Read more about it below.

Recently we have seen more large roofing companies become more involved in solar.  Why do you think this is?

First, there’s the fundamental recognition that residential solar will be a significant part of the future of energy.  Building from there, there’s a natural alignment and synergy between solar and roofing throughout the value chain which is organically pulling the two industries together. As the solar industry matures, products are becoming easier to install and software has simplified the system design and sales process, both of which have enabled more roofing contractors to participate in the solar market. At the same time, we’re seeing solar installers, particularly in more developed solar markets, adopting roofing.  I think there’s also the belief that as solar costs come down, there’s more opportunity for a solar roofing product to be successful. Add all this up and it makes sense for roofing companies to get involved in solar in some way, shape or form.

Does it make sense for a new roof and solar to be installed at the same time by the same contractor?

It makes perfect sense. Since solar products are typically warranted for 25 years, the best time to install solar is when, or as soon after as possible, a new roof is installed. From the customer’s perspective, finding one contractor who can install both the roof and solar simplifies their purchasing experience. Note that I’m defining “purchasing experience” to extend from installation through the service lifetime of the roofing and solar systems because if there are any issues down the road, there’s no finger-pointing between two contractors. Better yet, if both the roofing and solar systems are supplied and warranted by a single manufacturer and installed by a single contractor, there’s even more value to the customer.  And from an installer’s perspective, being able to sell two products instead of one not only improves their revenue generation, but results in cost efficiencies which they can use to improve their profitability and also pass along to the customer. In this scenario, everyone wins. (Continued)

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