Solar Shingles Vs. Solar Panels: Are There Any Differences?

Solar panels have existed for almost a decade, and many homeowners across Littleton, Co are enjoying their benefits. However, new technologies, insights, and designs helped numerous manufacturers to find fresh solutions and products. The outcome: solar shingles.

What Are Solar Shingles?

Imagine an asphalt shingle capable of storing solar energy with its built-in cells. Plus, their special installation procedure works similarly to asphalt shingle roofs or traditional roofing materials. In simple terms, they're much faster to install and look just like a normal roof.

Solar Shingle vs. Solar Panel Costs

However, they're much more expensive than traditional solar panels. You'll be paying $21-$25 per square foot of your home. You'll end up with a sub-par roofing material if there's no actual roofing material underneath your property, too.

Lifespan and Performance

Solar shingles virtually have the same lifespan as traditional roofing materials. You can have a 20-30 years lifespan and performance. However, you have zero guarantees that it can last for so long, especially if you frequently have unfavorable weather.

8M Solar has an excellent post about the major differences between solar shingles and panels. Read more about it below.

What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Shingles?

Slow Installation

Since solar roof tiles are relatively new, solar shingles do not have as many installation contractors. This could mean longer wait times when you decide to install a solar roof.


As discussed before, solar shingles are significantly more expensive than solar panels. Solar shingles often make the most sense when you need a replacement roof. You should consider the home value and reduced energy costs to access whether a solar roof makes sense for your budget.

Lower Productivity

Solar shingles are installed to match the slope and angle of the roof. If a section of roof does not get a lot of sunlight, the solar tiles will become less efficient. In contrast, solar panels can be individually placed and turned to catch the optimal amount of sunlight. They also do not interfere with the roofing material below.

Limited Mobility

Compared to solar panels, a solar roof is much more difficult to transfer if you decide to move homes. You should plan on leaving your solar tiles with their respective home and raising the overall home market price when selling. (Continued)

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