The Possibility of Completely Powering Your Home With Solar Energy

Having a solar-powered home sounds like a farfetched fantasy straight 100 years into the future. However, as experienced Littleton, CO solar installers, we can verify that solar energy technology can power an entire house. Furthermore, with currently existing solar energy collection and storage technologies, you can completely power your home's appliances for an entire day every single day in Colorado.

Solar energy panels have dropped in cost as many manufacturers embrace and find profit in the technology. On the other hand, innovators continue to introduce formidable solar energy collection technologies, enabling panels to power entire houses with fewer panels.

An average Colorado home requires 10,400 kWh per year to power an average number of appliances, lights, and electronics. An average 250-watt solar panel requires 20-34 solar panels. Truthfully, your actual figures depend on Colorado's estimated solar energy production, which weather and existing technologies greatly affect. You can ask a trustworthy solar installation team in Littleton, CO, to learn the currently-existing solar energy production figure in your area.

The full-home initial solar panel startup costs can go up to $10,000 at maximum, providing a home with the full capability of a solar energy powerhouse with over 11,000 kWh average energy production.

BlueSel Home Solar has an excellent fact vs. myth post about solar energy, which is a great primer before you dive deep into making your home financially free from utilities. Read more below.

How Can Solar Energy Power Your Whole House?

Every home is different, and every home will require a unique amount of solar panels in order to effectively convert the sun’s energy into the energy you can use to power your home. At SunPower by BlueSel, we understand how to install your panels at the perfect angle, in the perfect spot, to maximize sun intake. Installing your solar panels in the perfect spot can make a big difference in regard to energy. explains how solar panels can power an entire house, “As solar panels protrude from the precipice at various angles, they capture whatever sunlight is available, and convert it to DC power. An inverter converts the DC power to AC power (which is what we use to power electronic devices). And for people who want to completely power an entire home with the sun’s rays, there are systems available to convert and store extra power in the form of battery energy.”

As the article mentioned, there are systems available to convert and store extra power. This means that even on cloudy days and during blackouts your system will continue to run. Solar battery storage is one such solution. Our solar battery storage solutions at BlueSel work seamlessly with our solar energy systems. It was designed with our components in mind. This means you get the best of both worlds: our best-in-class solar energy system and the battery component. Our energy systems and storage systems work in perfect harmony and are both covered under the SunPower by BlueSel warranty. 

Enjoy all the benefits of a solar energy system while reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. Solar energy can power your entire home, as long as the right company is working with you to install your panels.  (Continued)

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