Understanding the Efficiency of Solar Panels and Solar Shingles

In the last quarter, GAF dazzled the world with its solar roofing shingles. These new technological marvels look like true asphalt shingles, and average roofers can drill them like their typical counterparts. They can produce about 80% of a full-fledged solar panel’s capacity and enjoy the same level of durability. With this in mind, many homeowners are torn between buying solar panels or solar shingles as their renewable energy source.

GAF’s Timberline Solar Shingles uses traditional solar panel technologies, integrating them into simple modules easy for traditional roofers to install. Certified roofers face minimal training modules, allowing GAF to spread their Timberline solar shingle lines worldwide. The asphalt solar shingle’s simple principles helped it gain much more awe than Tesla’s complex solar shingles.

Still, solar panels are the best choice for power-conscious homeowners. Panels like the LG NeON R can achieve 25% efficiency, ensuring enough power for homes during daylight. With GAF’s current Timberline solar shingles, it’s nearly impossible to achieve this performance level.

If you want a detailed explanation on the performance of solar panels and shingles, Greener Choices has an excellent post talking more about it. Read more about it below.

Solar power is becoming more widely available and more enticing to homeowners across the US. As the costs have reduced significantly over time – by 70% since 2014 – going solar is a wiser investment than ever. Most commonly generated via photovoltaic (PV) panels, residential solar is not only a cleaner alternative to conventional fossil fuel energy, but also one that gives a level of independence to homeowners. After all, instead of outsourcing energy production to a utility or third party supplier, traditional solar panels are commonly attached right on top of a home’s roof. And as demand grows, more companies than ever are offering panels with competing prices, designs, and effectiveness.

In spite of the positives, however, some homeowners are reluctant to switch to solar precisely because they don’t like the idea of having panels on their homes. Imagine someone who recently moved into their dream home; they were attracted to the yard, the neighborhood, the structure, the size – plus, they absolutely love the slate roof. This new homeowner may support renewable energy and get plenty of sunlight to take advantage of it, but the idea of covering up their attractive home with a relative eyesore just doesn’t feel right.

That’s where solar roof shingles – or solar roof tiles – come in.

What are Solar Shingles?

True to their name, solar shingles are a photovoltaic replacement for a roof’s existing shingles. Photovoltaic shingles are made from silicon solar cells, allowing a roof to produce its own energy. Instead of being propped up on top of the roof, to install solar shingles means getting an entire roof replacement – putting solar roof tiles or shingles in place of standard roofing tiles, asphalt shingle roofs, or whatever conventional roofing materials were there before. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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