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What Do I Do When Solar Panels Stop Working?

Solar panels are the next generation of renewable energy technologies that are much more effective and sustainable than their other counterparts. You can power an entire house with a single solar panel array with effective consultation from a solar panel installation team in Golden, CO.

However, when your solar panels stop working, you’ll find yourself in big trouble. Even if solar panels have a 30-year lifespan on average, solar panels can stop working if there’s a flaw in the installation, wiring, and other factors. So, what can you do when solar panels stop working?

First, we highly advise that you don’t try to attempt the repair by yourself. Instead, contact a professional solar panel installation team to assess the possible damages. Second, allow them to check your entire solar panel system and perform diagnostics to pinpoint the areas that have suffered from damages. Lastly, they’ll recommend the best solutions most compatible with restoring your solar panel’s capabilities.

There are many reasons not to fix a solar panel that is malfunctioning. First of all, if you don’t understand how solar panels work, it may be difficult to identify the problem. You could also damage the system in the process of trying to make repairs on your own. Third, you may find it easier to replace a broken solar panel rather than fix it, and you’ll only know it with the help of solar panel installation professionals.

If you’re curious about the repair and installation process, read about Stable Solar’s post below:

Step 1: Check Your Breaker Switches

Don’t you hate it when you call tech support, and they want to make sure the computer you’re trying to troubleshoot is plugged in and turned on? It’s insulting. But these support reps have to ask because an “off” PC is one of the most common reasons why a user’s computer isn’t working.

The same goes for breaker switches – i.e., the tiny fuse boxes that manage your home’s electricity flow.

Surges, glitches and overloads can trip these switches – preventing solar electricity from charging appliances or going into the grid. However, switching them back to the proper state is usually enough to fix the issue.

Step 2: Check for Obstructions

Because solar panels need direct sunlight to generate power, it’s important to keep your panels free of anything that might impede this production, including:

Trees whose recent foliage may be blocking out light. If this is the case, you may need to cut back some branches.

Accumulated dust, debris and pollen that can slowly build up over time and prevent sunlight from hitting your PV panels. Here are some free tips for proper solar panel cleaning.

You should also scan for obstructions under the panels too. Nesting mice, birds and other vermin can damage your PV system’s components – leading to lower energy production. So it’s important to clean out any droppings and debris. And it’s also a good idea to install a pest guard to prevent infestations from happening in the future. (Continued)

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