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What Makes Solar Shingles a Better Choice?

Solar panels already have dominance in the market. Many homeowners prefer it because of its efficiency and reliability, even if it is bulky and shadows their roof's addition to the curb appeal. Furthermore, new battery technologies are improving, letting highly efficient solar panels save more energy and battery for homeowners in the process.

But, they can also see sense when it comes to solar shingles. They're much more compact, preserve the roof's curb appeal, and prevent issues from homeowners associations, most who are happy to consent to having it installed on roofs. 

GAF made waves with their outstanding and remarkable solar shingles. They perform just like solar panels (with some sacrifice in efficiency, which can improve in the future) and can be installed by a certified GAF Master Elite roofer. 

Tesla was the first to dominate the market for solar shingles, but GAF moved in quickly with their simplified and innovative solar shingle system. Instead of high technology and complex designs, GAF wanted a solar shingle that can be nailed down like regular asphalt shingle roofs and have a 130 mph wind resistance.

Their efforts since the CES 2022 has made GAF Timberline Solar Shingles one of the most sought-after solar technologies in various parts of the country. It has also made the top lists of innovations for Time Magazine and even Popular Science – read an excerpt from the latter below.

Installing traditional rack-mounted solar panels requires drilling through your existing roof, creating holes that can lead to leaks and water damage if they’re improperly sealed. GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar shingles, however, nail down just like regular asphalt roofing, thanks to a flexible thermoplastic polymer backing. With that supporting a durable photovoltaic surface, they’ll hang tight in the rain, hail, and winds up to 130 mph. Even brighter: These shingles have serious curb appeal and you won’t have to choose between spending on a roof replacement or investing in solar—you can do both at the same time. (Continue reading here to learn more)

So, do you think it's time to have a GAF solar shingle installed for your home? Trust only Roper Roofing & Solar to install them for your home. We're a company with decades of experience servicing the roofs of homeowners in your neighborhood. Get started by calling us today!


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