Will The Power Company Pay You For Using Solar Panels?

Littleton, CO is one of the best places to gain solar incentives from the government. If you generate a certain solar energy amount, you can get paid for making the effort and investing in renewable technologies. In Colorado, about 348 solar companies generate power for the region. Plus, solar installation teams that double as roofers continue to improve the region's renewable electricity capabilities in less time possible.

If you decide to use solar roofing in Littleton, CO, you're sure to get government incentives. However, a single solar panel powering individual appliances aren't enough to qualify you for those (but they will save you much money due to renewable electricity use). The power company won't pay you for using solar panels, but the government will.

If you're planning to have your solar installations, you can find the most affordable and efficient ones from reliable professionals, such as Roper Roofing and Solar. We work only with top-notch manufacturers, such as REC and Solaria, giving you guarantees with the best product output possible.

Energy Sage has a great post about Colorado's high and dependable tax rebates. Read more about them below.

The best solar rebates and tax breaks in Colorado

The Centennial State makes it pretty beneficial for you to have solar: not only will you get paid for any extra energy you generate thanks to Colorado net metering, you’ll also be rewarded for producing clean energy and won’t even have to pay any taxes on your new system.

Local solar rebates

Many Colorado utilities and local organizations offer cash rebates to homeowners who want to install solar on their property. These are just two examples, but more local incentives are available – be sure to explore the options available in your area:

EnergySmart Colorado: Rebates of anywhere from $400 to $3,000 (depending on where you live) are available for solar installations on homes in Eagle Valley, Roaring Fork Valley, and Summit County.

Holy Cross Energy: Holy Cross has a per-kilowatt (kW) rebate for its customers to reduce the cost of going solar. The incentive is $750 for the first 6 kW, and is stepped down for larger systems. Homeowners installing an average 6kW system can save $4,500 on their installation costs with this great rebate.

Tax exemptions for renewable energy equipment

Thanks to some helpful CO tax breaks for solar, you won’t have to pay the government anything for your new solar panels. First, the Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Equipment means that there won’t be any sales tax on the purchase of your system. Second, the Property Tax Exemption for Residential Renewable Energy Equipment keeps you from having to pay any additional taxes on the increased value of your house. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a dependable solar installation and roofing company, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing and Solar. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.


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