How to Know if It's Time to Replace Your Windows Next Year in Denver CO

You've always been noticing your roofs and siding more than your windows. The truth is, we can't blame you. Your windows look fine especially from the curb. If it did need some aesthetic work, it's definitely a repainting. This makes you think whether a full window frame replacement for your entire window system is necessary. As your reliable window repair and replacement service in Denver CO, we can tell you that it's definitely an important service to consider. However, there are a few factors that you'll need to consider to accomplish a proper window replacement let alone know if you need to replace it.

First, a replacement window replaces your entire window completely. In short, the window's manufacturer still creates a specific dimension product that you can use as replacement for your existing windows. Alternatively, you can have your windows retrofitted with new windows, which is useful if the window manufacturer has left no product support for your existing windows.

Next, it's possible you've decided to install a wood window during the initial development and construction of your home. While it worked through the ages, you're seeing spots of rotting wood. This is critical and requires immediate replacement. Most wood windows get a retrofitting treatment. Contractors will remove the glass and bars that divide the window. Then, they'll create a flange that allows the new window to fit right inside.

Discount Door and Window has an excellent list and explanation of replacement and retrofit windows. Here's an excerpt from their very-useful instruction:

Know what type of frame material you want for your windows. There are advantages and disadvantages to all the frame materials available, so it is a good idea to consider them in advance.


Vinyl windows are far and away the most popular choice for window replacement, and for good reason. They are maintenance free, insulate well, make a smooth operating window and are relatively inexpensive. The downside is that they are usually only available in white and tan and vinyl cannot be painted. Some companies offer dark colored vinyl windows, but other companies have withdrawn them from the market due to failures associated with the dark material absorbing too much heat. Always check the warranty carefully.


Aluminum windows have poor insulation qualities, but changing your windows from old aluminum windows that are single glazed to new aluminum windows that are dual glazed and have high performing low-e glass will provide a noticeable improvement in insulation. If you already have aluminum windows and you do not plan to replace them all, this may be a good choice so that your new windows more closely match your existing windows. Also, aluminum is available with dark bronze anodized frames which may be a good choice if you want the look of a dark frame, or clear anodized if you want to keep a mid-century contemporary style.


Fiberglass windows insulate well, are maintenance free and are available in dark colors. They are also easily painted if you want to change your color scheme at some point in the future. Unfortunately, fiberglass windows are usually quite expensive, often in the same price range as high-end wood windows. (Continued)

Next, we understand that window replacements -- replacements or retrofits -- are quite the biggest investments. They require some fiscal planning, and having a heads-up is definitely one of the biggest help you can get from anyone. So, we've found the best ones that can give you a clear picture of the prices you're likely contending with.

Home Advisor has a great estimate on window replacements and retrofits. Read more about it here.

Vinyl Windows Costs

Vinyl cost $250 to $600 and require little or no maintenance. They're also extremely durable; changes in humidity don't cause them to swell or shrink. Most manufacturers stand behind their products with strong warranties. Their greatest drawback is that they're not as sturdy or attractive as wood.

Wood Windows

Wood frames cost $1,200 on average and require regular. Fail to repaint and finish wood and they become susceptible to the elements.
The work and money can be worth it for the classic, authentic, architectural appeal of wood. That's why some historical neighborhoods have covenants requiring wood framing.


Costs about 10% to 20% more than vinyl or an average of $600 each, including installation. Fiberglass is more durable than vinyl with similar insulation properties. Because of the price difference, it is less common. (Continued)

Lastly, always remember that your new window replacements or retrofits can only yield excellent long-term performance if you work with reliable contractors with in-depth experience. We at Roper Roofing can help you with all your window installation needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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