5 Compelling Reasons You Should Hire a GAF Master Elite in Denver CO

GAF has provided superior-quality roofing products for decades, and it understands the effort and labor needed to install them in the ideal way possible. For this reason, the GAF Master Elite Certification program exists.

Indeed, GAF is renowned worldwide for its excellent residential and commercial roofing products. In fact, any Denver CO roofing contractor will highly recommend GAF products if within their client's budget.

If a Master Elite contractor installs these GAF products, you receive optimum warranties, insurance benefits, and definitely the best workmanship for your roof.

GAF Master Elite

GAF Master Elites: The Next Level of Roofing Expertise

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How Property Owners Benefit From The Next Level of Roofing Contractors

GAF-Certified and Licensed

GAF has established its own superior standard of roofing products and quality of installation and labor required to maximize it. If you work with a GAF Master Elite, you are working with a dependable and quality professional.

There's a common fear among Denver CO property owners. True enough, some roofing contractors may appear professional but end up being under-qualified during the middle of the project. By working with Master Elites, you have a guarantee they have excellent workmanship. Additionally, they have all the equipment, experience, and knowledge to deliver excellent roofing services.

System Plus BadgeLabor and Material Warranties Plus Insurance

A contractor places confidence in their work if they extend your labor warranties to a lifetime. GAF is a manufacturer that provides more than 20 years of roofing material warranties. However, it only grants this warranty if a Master Elite contractor handled your installation or replacement.

In addition to material warranties, GAF handles the extended labor workmanship Golden Pledge Badgeguarantee. If your roof fails to perform adequately through no fault of your own, then you get labor and materials free of charge under the Weather Stopper System Plus and Golden Pledge warranties.

All Master Elite roofers have their respective liability insurance that GAF provides too. Indeed, the brand places huge confidence in their qualified personnel.

Have Years of Experience and Knowledge

The Master Elite certification is not just a training program to earn and forget. Any professional roofing contractor has spent decades perfecting their knowledge. In addition, they strive to expand their experience and procure necessary advanced equipment that facilitates work to deliver excellent service.

The certification program's purpose is to separate professional roofers from GAF specialists capable of handling specific installation procedures, specialty GAF installation and repair equipment, and other advanced procedures to the dot.

Indeed, roofers can get multiple manufacturer certifications, and you can be sure of their workmanship if they have a GAF certification.

Continues to Train and Enhance their Knowledge

Having a GAF Master Elite certification doesn't mean the training is over and the roofing contractors can relax as labor requests come pouring into the front door. All certified roofing contractors understand it is just a qualification, and their workmanship only improves with their academic dedication to their craft.

In fact, it is a major requirement for all GAF certified contractors. The manufacturer screens their applying contractors in terms of both experience and dedication to to-quality roofing services. The natural love for one's craft comes in their dedication to learn more and improve it time and again.

Guaranteed Excellence in Workmanship and Labor

True enough, everything that certifies a roofing contractor with GAF is proof that they provide excellent workmanship and labor, sets the bar of professionalism to the next level, and is worth every homeowner's time and money for any roofing project and requirement they need.

Finding a GAF Master Elite Contractor Near You

Any homeowner can head to GAF's official website to find a Master Elite contractor nearest to their location. GAF has a handy online tracker that takes your location and gives you a list of contractors that are nearest to your location. If you find multiple Master Elite contractors near your location, lucky you!

If you're not keen on using online facilities, you can call GAF's local hotline directly and ask to refer you to a qualified roofer. Qualified Elites always post their badge on their website proudly, which makes them easy for property owners to find.

How Tough is GAF's Master Elite Program?

According to GAF, only 3% of its applicants pass the requirements to become a certified, cream-of-the-crop Master Elite roofing contractor. The program involves more than just training -- all roofing contractors learn new methods in handling and installing GAF roofing materials effectively.

Then, they will undertake a practical applied examination that must resolve difficult objectives and comply with extremely-stringent quality checks. It's not just a simple roof replacement procedure or just one procedure for an exam!

However, the certification isn't the end of it. Once contractors reach Master Elite status, they must continue to train, undertake qualification examinations, and retain their status as superior, top-level roofers.

GAF's Top-Tier Products for Residential Properties

If you haven't used GAF's superior residential roofing products yet, you're missing out on a world of superior, long-lasting, and durable roofing. Here are excellent roofing materials from this manufacturer that have made lasting impressions on Denver CO residents and roofing projects worldwide.

Timberline HD

These aren't your usual architectural shingles. Timberline HD shingles have visible patterns (which have a huge variety of colors and textures) visible from the curb. In addition to its beautiful aesthetic, it has a lifespan and performance that lasts for decades.

Pro-Start Shingles

Often, you will cut a typical three-tab asphalt shingle in half or smaller than its actual size as a starter course. A superior alternative to this typical solution is the pro-start shingle. Especially made for eave and edge installations, Pro-Start shingles tightly locks your shingles in place and prevents wind damage from blowing them off.

GAF Designer Shingles

GAF's Designer Shingles offer excellent lifespan and durability at an affordable price.

Designer Shingles

The Designer architectural shingle series focuses on excellent performance, durability, and affordability without sacrificing your roof's aesthetics. It comes in a wide range of colors and is a fan favorite among many remodeling property owners for decades.

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Denver CO's Finest GAF Master Elite Contractor At Your Service

Roper Roofing is proud to announce that it has accomplished all requirements and continue to uphold its status as GAF's newest Master Elite contractors in Denver CO. With this qualification, we only guarantee the best quality, top-level residential and commercial roofing repairs, replacement, and other services that you need. Contact us today!


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