TPO Flat Roofing in Denver, CO

TPO flat roof

One of the fastest growing commercial flat roofing systems today is TPO. TPO stands for Thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO is made of rubbers and other substances responsible for its strength. On top of that, TPO has a reflective surface that prevents heat from penetrating through the roof. This makes your building highly energy-efficient. If you’re considering this commercial roof, know that we offer TPO flat roofing Denver, CO services.


TPO Flat Roof Services in Denver Colorado

If you’re looking for a roofing company that installs TPO using the best practices, choose us. Roper Roofing is a Colorado-based company that specializes in commercial roofing – specifically TPO. Our TPO services include the following:

tpo repair


Planning to build a new office or store in Denver? Hire us to put a durable and energy-saving TPO roof above your head. We use a variety of proven installation techniques. Before we install your new TPO roof, we make sure that your building has the right conditions to accommodate it.

tpo installation


Note for signs like ponding water, bubbling and blistering, and increasing energy bills. If you notice anything usual about your roof, don’t hesitate to call Roper Roofing. Part of our TPO flat roofing Denver, CO services is determining whether these problems can be resolved with repairs. Our complete inspection allows us to identify hidden roofing damage. If not, we might suggest a replacement.

TPO roof replacement


Flat roofing systems require extra care as they’re prone to leaks. No matter the roofing material, TPO or not, flat roofs undergo faster wear and tear without maintenance. If you’ve never paid attention to yours for years, you may need to replace it. Hire us to replace your old flat roof with a high-quality TPO membrane from GAF.

Our Chosen Manufacturer

We prioritize quality. The satisfaction of our commercial roofing clients is our satisfaction as well. We aim to give you a commercial roof that withstands most challenges. Roper Roofing uses products from GAF, a leading brand…

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Single-ply TPO roofing by GAF is guaranteed to last up to 30 years. GAF published a study that proves the product’s performance. As one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the US, we can guarantee you that their TPO products help save energy, stand up to winds, and even resist fungi. Choose from 45-mil, 60-mil, and 80-mil membranes.

Stay away from storm-chasers, handymen, and the cheapest pricing but without guarantees. Choose Roper Roofing, your reputable commercial roofing company.

Why Hire Roper Roofing for Your TPO Flat Roofing Denver, CO Needs?

Roper Roofing has served the industry for over 15 years. We’ve established a positive reputation within Denver Colorado. Here are the reasons why they love us and continue to choose us for all their TPO roofing needs:

Stay away from storm-chasers, handymen, and the cheapest pricing but without guarantees. Choose Ropa Roofing, your reputable commercial roofing company.

Fast and Efficient Service

We hate missing deadlines and we also understand that you need to resume your daily operations as soon as possible. That said, we start and finish your TPO roofing project on time. You can count on Roper Roofing’s timely service.

5 Year Warranty on Labor

We are confident in our skill set and knowledge. Our TPO flat roofing Denver, CO work is backed by a strong warranty for your peace of mind. You can sleep easily at night knowing that your roof is protected for years.

Clean-Up After Work

Our team will end the work day and leave your area in a spotless condition. We know that clean-up is one of property owners’ concerns following a major roofing job. You don’t have to worry about clutter and debris all over the place after your roofing project is done.

Stay away from storm-chasers, handymen, and the cheapest pricing but without guarantees. Choose Roper Roofing, your reputable commercial roofing company.

Ready to install, repair, or replace a TPO flat roof? Call us to learn more at 720-809-7586.

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