Denver Moisture Mapping

At Roper Roofing and Solar, we take commercial roofing seriously. We have developed a reputation for quality, value and reliability in the Denver commercial roofing market, and with good reason.

One of the services we provide is crucial for Denver – moisture mapping. As any area roofing contractor knows, water retention is a huge underlying problem that can cause leaky roofs, walls and flooring, leading to structural instability and a mold problem. That is a problem everywhere, as well as the Denver and Golden area despite the hundreds of sunny days every year.


We do Our Homework with Moisture Mapping

Roper has developed a reputation in the Denver flat roofing business because of how we try to deliver long term solutions to our clients.

If your home has a leaky roof, we don’t automatically suggest you replace the roof. That may well be the solution, but first, we will bring in our state of the art (for Denver) moisture mapping imager. It’s a free service and part of our initial inspection.

Many Denver roofing contractors either charge for this service or avoid it due to the cost of the imager. Not us. We will use the latest technology to discover exactly where water may be accumulating – and whether it’s a problem with the counterflashing, the plumbing, or something else.

We discuss our findings with you, only then we jointly decide what to fix and/or replace the appropriate section of your roof.

You Can Trust Roper to do the Right Thing

We are proud of our approach to solving roofing problems. That’s why we strongly recommend that for Denver, moisture mapping should always be a key first step.
Call Roper today and get your free evaluation along with the moisture accumulation images. You can take the right decision and sleep safe in the knowledge that we will tackle and fix the root of your problems.

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