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Metal Roofing in Denver, CO

Metal roofs are an excellent choice for homes in Denver CO because of their multiple benefits. Metal roofing saves you the hassle of replacing your roof early, thanks to its extreme durability. In fact, metal roofs require minimal maintenance and last up to 100 years — depending on the type of metal. If you plan a metal roofing Denver CO installation, hire Roper Roofing.

Roper Roofing has years of experience handling metal roofing projects. We’ve satisfied the needs of homeowners who realize the advantages of metal roofs. We are confident in providing only the best, thorough roofing repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services you need.

Below, we’ll further explain why metal roofs are worth your while. Know more about metal roofs and why consider using them for your home.


Why Get a Metal Roof for Your Denver CO Property?

Metal roofing systems come in various types. Types of metal roofing you’ll find in Denver CO are the following: Aluminum, Steel, and Copper. Furthermore, metal roofs come in different profiles. You can get one that copies the appearance of asphalt shingles, slate, and wood. Impressive, isn’t it?

Whether your choice of aesthetic is a standing seam, ridge-style, or metal shingles, you’ll get all of these benefits metal roofs could provide your home.

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Long Lifespan

Metal roofs have a projected lifespan of 50 years. They may reach up to 100 years if they’re made from copper. Some manufacturers use a special roofing coat to lengthen the lifespan, improve UV reflection, and upgrade the airtight insulation of metal roofs. Do ask us if you’re interested in adding reflective coatings.

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Tough Durability

Metal roofs only suffer dents during a hailstorm allowing them to last up to two extremely strong hailstorms. With proper metal roofing Denver CO installation, the expanding and contracting properties of metal roofs only enhance their capacity.

Lastly, their special coating improves their resistance against hot temperatures, rainy weather, and extreme snowfall.

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Quick to Install, Repair, and Replace

Did you know that metal roofs are easier to work with compared to other roofing materials? Roofing contractors can install metal roofs without difficulty.

Metal roofs use exposed or hidden nails to fasten each seam efficiently. There is no need for additional joist support construction. Both properties make it easy to install, repair, and replace them as needed.

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