Siding Repair in Denver, CO

Are you looking for an experienced company that does siding repair Denver CO? Roper Roofing brings over 15 years of experience in home exterior work. One of the best services that we specialize in is siding repair. Homeowners in Denver Colorado choose because we ensure quality and reasonable pricing. Not just that, we make sure that all their siding issues are fixed in a timely manner.


When and Why You Need a Siding Repair

Can you imagine living in a house that has no siding installed? The siding of your house is not just there to enhance aesthetic value; it faces the elements day and night. External elements affect your siding over time. These include the sun, rain, heat, and cold.

As a proactive homeowner, your role is to maintain your siding by investing in repair services. Repairs prevent siding damage, even the smallest ones, from causing major problems like pest infestation or indoor moisture.

When cared for, your siding improves energy-efficiency. So if one of your goals is to save on heating and cooling expenses, what you need is a good siding.

Like most parts of your home, over time, siding gets damaged. Here are telltale signs you need a siding repair Denver CO:

  • The edges start to crack
  • Warping
  • Water stains
  • Nails are sticking out
  • The color is starting to fade
  • Peeling paint
  • Increasing energy expenses
siding repair

Our Siding Repair Denver CO Service Process


Roper Roofing professionals will take a look at your current siding material. We’ll look out for the signs of damage mentioned above, and more.

After the complete siding inspection, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your siding problems. We’ll give you a free quote.
Before we start work, we make sure that your area is protected. We’ll cover your plants and remove nearby furniture. We’ll finish the repair project in no time.
Before we start work, we make sure that your area is protected. We’ll cover your plants and remove nearby furniture. We’ll finish the repair project in no time.

We leave your area in an excellent and clean condition. We’ll remove debris and clutter and dispose of them properly.

Manufacturers We Use

There are times when we find out that a homeowner needs new siding instead of a repair. Most often than not, siding should be replaced when your energy costs are out of control and the material is extremely faded.

We will tell you our findings based on our inspection. Roper Roofing also specializes in siding replacement projects. In that case, know that we work with only the best siding product brands:

Certain Teed Saint Gobain

CertainTeed – With CertainTeed, you’re offered tons of siding options to get your dream exterior look. Their categories include Composite Siding, Shake and Shingle, Horizontal Siding, and more. These unique styles are sure to make your home stand out above the rest.

GAF Logo

GAF – Fiber cement siding is known to resist common problems like fire and pest infestation. It’s one of the best selections we recommend to Denver CO homeowners. GAF’s WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding comes in various profiles and colors.

Hire Roper Roofing for Your Siding Repair Needs

At Roper Roofing, we look forward to helping you achieve a strong and beautiful home through our siding repair Denver CO services.

Because we’re a local company, we can assure you of our availability at all times. You can count on us to be there for you, unlike out-of-town contractors. We would also love to invite you to see the projects we’ve worked on so far.

Call our office at 720-809-7586 to get started. Roper Roofing is ready to repair your siding today!

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