7 Things to Do to Achieve an Energy Efficient Residential Roof in Denver

When it comes to roofing, most of us think about its appearance. Who doesn’t want a beautiful roof for a beautiful home? But what we are going to discuss today isn’t about aesthetics. Let’s focus on another aspect that homeowners care about that a roof can provide….

Energy-efficiency. Yes, roofing systems can be made energy-efficient. If you live in the city of Denver Colorado, you would agree that summers can be mild to hot - sometimes severe. During these times, you’d appreciate the benefits of an energy efficient residential roof:

  • Cooler indoor temperature - This is the most obvious effect of having an energy efficient residential roof. Only minimal heat enters your house. Now, summers are easier on you as you feel more comfortable.
  • A decrease in utility bills - Energy efficient roofing systems have this property called solar reflectance index (SRI). This refers to the ability of a roofing material to reflect solar heat. Roofs with high SRI help reduce cooling energy costs.
energy efficient residential roof

Roofs that don’t effectively reflect heat increase your cooling bills.

  • Prevents ice dams - Roofs that retain more heat promote the formation of ice dams during winter. This is due to the ice and snow melting. The water that drips down refreezes and that’s when they form ice dams. Ice dams damage the gutters and water may back into your home.

How to Achieve an Energy Efficient Residential Roof

You already know how important cool roofing materials are. Now, you’re probably wondering about some ways on making your roof cooler. We list 7 tips below:

1. Invest in roofing materials with Energy Star ratings

We’re certain that you’ve come across the label “ENERGY STAR”. Roofing materials that qualify for an Energy Star rating mean that they contribute to energy savings. Testing is done to make sure that the energy star roofing product performs well. Roofing manufacturers with this label are challenged to maintain the energy saving quality of their product.

Here at Roper Roofing, we use product brands whose roofs are ENERGY STAR-rated. We install shingles or metal roofs from the following:

  • CertainTeed
  • Owens Corning
  • GAF

2. Apply a cool roof coating

red metal roof showing partially covered in roof coating

Cool roof coatings are usually white in color.

Cool roof coatings are among the best solutions for roofs that frequently get sun exposure. A roofing contractor applies a cool reflective roof coating on a metal or flat roofing surface. As you may have guessed, they’re best used on low slope or flat roofs.  These elastomeric coatings contain ingredients that resist UV rays.

If you choose this energy efficient residential roof solution, make sure that your roof is free of problems. Get a professional roofing inspection. Problems such as ponding, cracks, and even dirt, should be dealt with first.

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3. Add insulation to your roof

While you plan a roof installation or replacement project, be sure to consider insulation. Roof cavities retain heat. As you can tell, this area is a lot warmer compared to the rest of your house. Adding roof insulation controls the temperature in the roof cavity. Uncontrolled temperature is the reason why your home is not energy efficient.

To create an energy efficient residential roof through insulation, consider different types of insulation. Here are some options:

  • Spray polyurethane foam (SPF)
  • Fiberglass or recycled fiber materials
  • Rigid boards
  • Wood fiber

Aside from preventing excess heat from entering your home, insulation also prevents heat from escaping. This means that insulation is beneficial for both warmer and colder months.

4. Install a roof garden (if you have a flat roof)

close up of various leafy plants

The plants you choose depend on the type of roof garden you install. Ask your roofing contractor for recommendations.

Homes with flat roofing systems can achieve an energy efficient residential roof by building a roof garden. Urban areas have warmer air than their surrounding rural areas. This creates urban heat islands. The hot air in urban environments makes air conditioners work harder.

Roof gardens help save energy because of the shade that the plants provide. A Canadian report stated that with a roof garden in place, energy demand decreases. As a result, you enjoy savings of at least 75%.

Speak with your roofing contractor regarding the type of green roof you want to be installed. There are 3 types namely: Extensive green roof, intensive green roof, and semi-intensive green roof.

5. Choose the right roofing contractor

Do you know that your choice of roofing contractor impacts your home’s energy efficiency?

Here’s the reason: Roofers that are certified installers and experienced can ensure that they do the roofing installation correctly. Installation errors negatively affect roof ventilation. The best roofing contractor also makes sure that they use durable and energy efficient roof materials.

6. Fix roof leaks immediately

brown circular marks on while ceiling surface

Look for brownish water spots on your ceiling and walls. They indicate a roof leak.

Got a roof leak? You may think that a roof leak doesn’t do much harm but in reality, it’s detrimental. And yes, roof leaks indirectly affect energy efficiency. How so? As water enters through the roof, it damages the roofing structure. Water also damages roof insulation. It clumps and can no longer insulate your home the way it used to.

This potential damage to the roof insulation as leaks take place is the reason why you need to deal with them right away. Pay attention to indications of roof leaks such as brownish water spots on the ceiling, increase in energy bills, and moldy smells.

7. Choose a lighter roof color

Instead of going for dark-colored roof shingles, pick lighter-colored ones. As light clothing reflects sunlight, so does a roof with a lighter color. In contrast, darker roofs retain heat. Not only do lighter roofs improve energy bills, they also extend their own service life.

At Roper Roofing, we can help you choose the best color to achieve an energy efficient residential roof. As previously mentioned, we use metal and shingle products from top manufacturers. We’ll sit down with you and plan your roof color regardless of the style or material you like.

Want an Energy Efficient Residential Roof?

When it’s time for a new roof installation or replacement, consider this an opportunity to make your roof cooler. Apply the tips we discussed today. However, you'll need to hire a capable Denver CO roofing company with extensive knowledge in residential roof energy efficiency.

Roper Roofing is a Denver-based contractor with more than 15 years of experience installing energy-saving and efficient roofs with long-term performance. Call us right now at 720-307-7143.


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