F-wave REVIA Shingles: Redefining Durable Roofing in Denver, Colorado

Are you tired of repairing hail damages on your roof year after year? End the dilemma with F-wave REVIA Shingles. Yes! Can you believe it? A roofing material that stands up to hail. Finally!

If you're living in an area that experiences hail and powerful winds a couple of times a year, then you already know where these phenomena usually end – with you needing a new roof, that is!

Mother nature can be very vicious to both our homes and our pockets. But what’s a homeowner to do? Well, while you definitely can’t change the weather, you can change your roofing material. And the F-wave REVIA Synthetic Roofing Products could be the game-changer you’ve long been waiting for!

wind damaged roof

Does hail impact and extreme wind easily damage your roof?

F-wave REVIA Shingles – An Introduction

REVIA Synthetic Shingles might just be the first genuinely impact-resistant roofing material in the market today. According to F-wave, the company behind this revolutionary roofing product, the shingles are made from an exclusive blend of commercial-grade materials that rendered it its next-level strength and UV-resistant characteristics.

Rather than following in the footsteps of their industry predecessors, F-wave has decided to take on a new and more challenging approach in developing REVIA Synthetic Shingles. Instead of taking an old product and making minor improvements, they took on an entirely new route that eliminated asphalt and granules as primary components in manufacturing roofing shingles.

A new, patented manufacturing process called the ZFT technology is the secret behind this durable premium roofing. The manufacturers claim that REVIA is unlike anything that contractors and homeowners alike have come across before. With its capability to resist hail damage and aesthetics that deserve a double thumbs-up, it is arguably the product to end the asphalt shingle's dominance in the roofing material industry.

F-wave REVIA Synthetic Shingles vs. Asphalt Shingles

As one of the most affordable roofing materials, it’s a no-brainer why asphalt shingles remain as the top choice among many homeowners especially those who are replacing an old roof on a tight budget. The thing with asphalt shingles, however, is that they tend to exhaust their useful life after about 15 years of service.

While the initial cost of REVIA shingles is slightly more expensive than its asphalt counterpart, it more than makes up for the price in – guess where? Ding! Ding! Correct – PERFORMANCE.

Since the layers of asphalt shingles are only glued, they can delaminate over time. Also, they are susceptible to granule loss which leads to cracking and degradation under prolonged exposure to the intense heat of the sun. Another notable disadvantage to using asphalt shingles is that they typically have low tear strength and impact resistance. They’re likely to break under hail impact and blow-off under extremely windy conditions.

F-wave’s REVIA Synthetic Shingles, on the other hand, are engineered for maximum durability. Because they have zero granules, they won't become brittle, and their performance won’t deteriorate over time. And since these premium shingles are more than capable of handling hail and strong winds, you can sleep well at night knowing that your roof will still be intact in the morning.

If – in case – your standards are way up there, and performance isn’t enough of a reason for you to forego a few hundred bucks more, maybe the fact that REVIA shingles require virtually no maintenance will convince you to make the switch. What do you think?

Not Your Ordinary Roofing Material

F-wave Revia roofing products

The F-wave REVIA Premium Shingles has got it all: looks, longevity, and durabililty!

REVIA premium residential shingles are generally superior to most traditional roofing – wood shakes, and slate included. The combination of ZFT technology and commercial-grade materials resulted in a product that is not only stronger but at the same time lighter and easier to install than the rest of the competition.

Outstanding Curb Appeal

The shingles are available in four distinct profiles to suit different home styles and roofing designs, namely: American Blends, Estate Series, Hand-split Shake Shingles, and Vermont Natural Slate Shingle. Whatever design you choose, one thing is for sure: your home will look better than it did before!

UV and Weathering Resistant

The shingles, made from F-wave’s patented ZFT technology, are equipped with features that protect it from the weathering effect of continuous and prolonged exposure to the intense heat of the sun. You know what this means, right? Plus points for longevity!

Single-piece Construction

Here’s another interesting bit: REVIA’s single-piece construction set-up makes things easier for the contractors. Compared to other newer roofing materials, F-wave REVIA Roofing installation is a breeze! There's no need for special equipment. Your trusty local roofer's basic toolset will do.

Oh, and one more thing. Since the material is very durable and adapts to different climates, you can schedule a roof installation outside the peak season. More savings! Yay!

130 MPH Wind Rating

REVIA roofing can withstand storms and winds of up to 130 MPH. The shingles have a 1" reinforced nail-area which serves a dual purpose: first, to help ensure correct nail placement and second, to provide resistance against extreme winds.

Class A Fire Rating

Roofing material with a Class A fire rating performs better in case of a fire emergency. Since they contain less fuel to feed a fire, they are relatively easier to put out. Thus, F-wave REVIA roofs are not only stronger and longer-lasting -- they are also safer!

Class 4 Hail Rating

Now, this one is where other roofing materials pale in comparison – hail impact resistance.

Class 4 Hail-rating. Wow! But, wait. What does that really mean for homeowners? Apparently, one thing: durability. If you’re living in a hail-prone area like Denver CO, here’s an obvious choice staring right back at you.

Other roofing materials dent, break, crack, or bend when hail hits them. This one, stays intact. In fact, as a testament to how durable and hail-resistant it is, REVIA shingles also come with a 5-year hail-impact warranty. Need we say more?

50-year Guarantee!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, it does! Forget about 15, 20, or 30-year manufacturer warranties. F-wave offers REVIA Synthetic Shingles with 50 years of warranted coverage. We know what you’re thinking, “This couldn’t be real.”

Well, lucky you. It is.

Final Thoughts on the F-wave REVIA Shingles

Come to think of it, F-wave’s REVIA Shingle is the newest entrant to the roofing industry. It’s understandable for people to question its claims. If this synthetic roofing is, however, truly everything that it’s cracked up to be, then it’s surely bound to shake things up and – true to its name – make waves in the roofing scene for years to come.

Are you’re thinking about replacing your shingles anytime soon? Why not try the new F-wave REVIA™ premium synthetic shingles and get more out of your new roof?

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