The Best Roof Material Types for Denver CO Homes This 2019

As winter is about to leave Denver CO, many homeowners are contemplating whether to replace their existing residential roof. True enough, regardless of roof material types, if your roof is beyond 30 years of age, it needs replacement.

However, to know how much you'll financially commit to this project, you'll want to know the current prices of roof material types. True enough, different roof material options vary in terms of price and labor costs. In addition, you'll need to consider whether they add value through curb appeal and storm resistance.

In this short guide, you'll learn all about roof covering materials including two types of roof shingles in demand today.

New Roof Material Types Guide for 2019

  1. The roof materials themselves (7 items)
  2. How much for brand-new roofing materials?
  3. Prolonging the lifespan of roofing materials
  4. Making sure you work with the best roofing installation company

The Hottest Roof Materials For Residential Properties This Year

Asphalt Shingles

Even if many Denver CO homeowers are using asphalt shingles on their homes, it is a candidate that can never grow stale. True enough, using asphalt shingles does not add any impressive "stand-out" feature to your property.

However, they provide excellent durability by withstanding more than two hailstorms before requiring a full replacement. In addition, they only cost $5-$6 per square foot, yet provide 25-30 years of excellent roofing protection, insulation, and overall performance. Plus, most manufacturers provide a vast variety of colors to fit any property aesthetic you may have.

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bird perched on top of asphalt shingle roof

Asphalt shingle roofs can never grow old even if it is quite a common residential roof material.

Architectural Shingles

If you're looking to revive your aging ancestral home, then architectural shingles are a must. Their soaring popularity in 2019 is especially thanks to reality "house flipping" programs where remodelers use architectural shingles to add a whopping 20% value to their renovated properties.

It might sound farfetched and absurd. However, architectural shingles can deliver quite a jump in value. Furthermore, the initial investment of $10-$13 per square foot brings you 30-50 years of excellent roof protection thanks to its added density and durabiltiy-improving laminates.

newly-installed architectural shingles

Architectural shingles have higher density and an additional laminate that extends their lifespan and durability than asphalt shingles. However, they're also higher-priced.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

Wood shakes and shingles cost about $7-$9 per square foot. They're quite expensive, but they're more affordable than their stylistic yet dense counterparts. They're quite light, which is why most roofing contractors find them easy to handle, install, or repair.

True enough, they introduce a grainy aesthetic to your property. However, you have the choice to paint over them with acrylic to improve their durability and curb appeal too. Next, hand-cut or machine-cut wood has its own unique appeal that can make your home stand out in your neighborhood.


Slate stones are beautiful and naturally flat, which makes one think they were meant to be roofing materials. Of all the roof material types available on the market, slate is the least processed of them all.

However, they're the most expensive as well. Slate stones cost about $13-$15 per square foot. In addition, labor costs increase because of its weight and density.

On the other hand, slate requires minimal post-repairs after every hailstorm and can last for more than 70 years providing excellent roofing insulation and watertight protection


Medieval and middle-century castles that still stand to date often use hand-molded clay tiles. These dense materials are lighter than slate stones yet provide the same level of protection and durability.

In addition, clay tiles provide a subtle Mediterranean appeal for any residence. If you want your property to stand out and improve its value in your neighborhood, then invest in clay tiles.

These cost about $13-$15 per square foot similar to slate stones. However, they're lighter and easier for roofing contractors to handle than the latter.

freshly installed clay tile roof

Clay tiles are lighter than slate, but they can last just as long -- castles and aged medieval structures prove it.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal will never grow old. It is one of the best roof material types that can cover most old roof shingle or even clay tile roofs. By installing a fresh structure above your old roof, corrugated metal can bring a new and beautiful aesthetic to your property.

Most corrugated galvanized or galvalumed metal costs about $9-$12 per square foot. Aluminum variants are more expensive yet are very efficient especially if used in high salt or corrosion areas.

In addition, roofing contractors can install them swiftly and even paint acrylic over them to improve their 70-year longevity and durability.

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top-durability corrugated metal roofing

Corrugated roofs can easily cover old roofing materials and provide excellent aesthetic and protection at an affordable price.

Standing Seam Metal

This modern variation of metal roofing uses dense bars of metal that look like thick seams and snap together on top of your roof. The result is one of the ultimately impregnable roof material types available on the market.

However, standing seam metal is quite expensive at $13-$15 per square foot. On the other hand, you have the excellent defense against hailstorms and have a roof with the lifespan that goes beyond 70 years with minimal maintenance.

True enough, if you can afford investing in standing seam metal roofs, you definitely won't regret using them.

Are The Best Roofing Materials Expensive?

Roof material density plays the biggest role when it comes to roof lifespan and durability. However, you can find highly-dense roofing materials in the form of slate or clay tiles. Unfortunately, not all homeowners find them appealing as roofs, which is why they switch to asphalt or architectural shingles to achieve their aesthetic vision.

The truth is, the best roof material is subjective when it comes to taste. However, when it comes to price, aesthetically-pleasing is more expensive than durability, which means you can find excellent roof material types without spending too much.

How Can I Prolong The Lifespan of Any Roofing Material?

Often, the lifespan of roof material types depends not on its durability alone but the manner and quality of installation too. Therefore, working with a contractor with in-depth experience handling and servicing your roof material types of choice will guarantee a longer roofing lifespan.

Of course, it pays to have regular maintenance. Contractors can find possible problems you can easily nip in the bud during every maintenance inspection.

How to Make Sure You Work With The Best Roofing Installation Company

As we mentioned, working with a top-level contractor to work on your roof prolongs its lifespan and guarantees a fast replacement or installation of your chosen roof material.

If you have yet to find a reliable contractor in Denver CO, you can trust Roper Roofing to help you. We are a roofing company with decades of experience under our belt when it comes to providing top-level roofing services and installing various types of roof materials.

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