Roof Structure Types: Materials and Shapes for Denver CO Homes

Are you curious about roof structure types? If you’re a Denver homeowner who plans to get a new roof, you’d be wondering what possible options are out there. Now don’t be in a hurry because if you do, you might end up installing a roof that won’t meet your need for design and longevity.

Roper Roofing is here to educate you on the different roof structure types you should know. We want our clients to make an informed choice. Specifically, we’ll talk about common roof shapes and materials. Ready? Let’s get started.

Residential Roof Structure Types

A. Types of Roof Materials

1. Metal roofing

We consider metal as one of the best roofing materials for houses. Why do we say so? Well, metal roofs are durable. It is for this reason that a metal roof lasts longer than most materials. The longest lasting metal roof (50 to 100 years) is made of copper. Warmer climates benefit from metal roofing in terms of keeping energy bills low.

If you want to know more about the advantages of metal roofs, read this complete guide. When it comes to the disadvantages, metal can be quite noisy. To address this, ask your roofing contractor to install insulation.

2. Wood shake roof

close view of wood shake roof surface

Wood shakes are made from split logs. They lower indoor temperature as wood is a natural insulator.

Just because a roof is made out of wood, doesn’t mean it won’t last long. Wood shake roofs are, in fact, one of the oldest roofs in the world. They boast of timeless appeal. They blend with nature. Wood shakes made of cedar effectively keep your Denver home cooler. They act as natural insulators.

3. Asphalt shingles

Unique styles and colors. These are two things to keep in mind if you think of asphalt shingles. Here at Roper Roofing, we offer asphalt shingles that imitate the appearance of slate and clay roofing. Choose three-tab shingles to achieve a simple and uniform look. We also install designer shingles that spice up your roof’s appeal.

Our shingle roofing material options come from top manufacturers. Check out our list of chosen roofing manufacturers on our asphalt roofing service section.

4. Slate roof

Remember that your roof is your first defense against fires. If you want a roof that’s fire-resistant, choose slate. People all over the world call slate roofs “forever roofs” because they last up to 175 years. Slate roofing is basically made out of rocks formed by clay or volcanic ash. This fact alone proves how strong slate is.

One needs to hire a qualified roofing contractor to install slate roofing. A slate roof weighs about 800 pounds per square. A roofing company like Roper Roofing will be able to handle slate while following the manufacturer’s specifications. If you’re interested in this material, read more about our slate roofing service.

5. Tile roof

Find the look of roof tiles attractive? If so, you’ll be glad to know that tile roofing is made from different sources like clay and metal. Choose clay tiles to achieve a natural and timeless appearance. Select metal roof tiles if you want a roof that’s lighter and quicker to install.

B. List of Roof Shapes

drawings of unique roof shapes

Here’s a diagram of sixteen roof shapes.

1. M-shaped roof

An M-shaped roof is what you think it looks like. Also called a “sawtooth roof,” this specific shape has several peaks. Perhaps the main reason why you’d want this shape is to give your home a modern appearance. However, you’ll have to make sure that it’s properly constructed to avoid leaks. This shape puts your roof at risk for leaking issues.

2. Shed roof

Next on this section of roof structure types is a shed roof. Another name for this roof is “skillion.” Note that a shed roof has only one slope. One of its advantages is that it easily sheds water. Another is the affordability. Since contractors can build this roof design with ease, the construction costs tend to be low. If you also want to eliminate attic space, this roof shape is definitely for you.

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3. Flat roof

Look around you and notice that more and more houses use flat roofs. If you don’t have a huge lawn, you can use the space on your flat roof to grow a garden or hold equipment. Flat roofs are ideal for modern houses. Like sports or gaming? Consider building a gaming or fitness area. You won’t run out of options.

4. Gable roof

picture of house with gable roof

As you can see, a gable roof has a simple design. Gable roofs promote proper water drainage.

One can easily identify a gable roof, thanks to its basic shape. In fact, it’s the most common shape used by homes in the United States. Gable roofs are characterized by their triangular shape. They provide an extra space in your home that will serve as an attic. If you have an existing roof, you can even add a gable roof. Some homeowners do this to build a new room.

5. Combination roof

On this list of roof design plans, the combination roof stands out. It captures all different roofing shapes in one house. Usually, you’ll find a combination roof made of gable and skillion. Notice that combination roofs are common on bigger residential properties. They boost curb appeal and offer a lot of space for solar panels and other structures. But because combination roofs have many peaks and valleys, they present the risk for leaks.

Important Note:

Find a qualified roofing contractor to build your roof shape of choice. Ask essential questions such as, “Can you provide a copy of your business permits and licenses?” or “Do you operate locally?” Make sure that they show you work samples of different types of roofs with pictures.

Wrapping Up

Do you consider one or more of the roof structure types above? Indeed, the process of planning your best roof is an exciting one. Sometimes, it can get confusing because two roof types and shapes promise great advantages. If you haven’t fully decided yet, know that we’ll be here to assist you.

Roper Roofing is your number one Denver CO roofing company. We install various residential roofing materials, regardless of the shape that you like. Let’s discuss your needs today. Call us right away at 720-307-7174.

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