5 Types of Roof Construction That Raise Your Denver CO Property Value

Your Denver CO property looks as beautiful as it can be. You've a healthy and fully-functional roof. In fact, you've got the best architectural shingles to protect against heavy rainwater and snow. However, your property still looks normal and plain as day. It doesn't look like a good example for different types of roofs with pictures on the Internet. Maybe it's time to check out new types of roof construction.

If you want to raise your residential property's value in Denver CO, you'll know more about different roof styles with pictures. In addition, you'll know better designs other than a combination roof, different types of roofing systems, the look of final roof design plans, and simple roofing designs.

Types of Roofs to Raise Your Property Value

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The Ultimate Estate Value-Contributing Factors

Before we dive into unique roof designs, let's talk about small factors that help you raise property value even without having one of many value-raising types of roof construction and immensely huge expenses.


A home that looks clean can beat the property increase unique types of roof constructions provide. It's not just inside your property that should appear clean. Additionally, you should maintain and trim the grass in your yard. Furthermore, keep your roof free from moss and other debris especially during open house day. Keep the property fragrant when the prospectors arrive too!

Exterior Look

Exterior cleanliness showcases the fine details of your property. However, the property exterior itself will showcase the structural beauty of your property. Achieve a fresh, new look by applying a fresh coat of paint on your sidings and roof material where possible. Painting your fence with subtle and neutral colors definitely adds to your property's appeal.

Outstanding Curb Appeal

A new coat of paint definitely gives you huge property-boosting mileage, but your property's overall curb will draw in majority of prospectors. True enough, having to tear off your old roof shape for unique types of roof construction is expensive. However, the return on investment is definitely undeniable.

Aside from the roof shape, make sure to choose a roofing material other than asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles, slate and clay tiles, or standing seam metal are excellent materials to add luxury and long-lasting value to your property.

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New Fixtures

It might seem like an insignificant worry to change your residential property fixtures, but they contribute hugely to the "wow" factor during your open house. In fact, just changing a doorknob, light switch cover, cabinet handles, and even the front carpet can impress the most discerning buyers.

Interior Design

Some prospectors want to see the residential property's open and empty space. Unfortunately, for majority of buyers, they want to see "how it works in real everyday life." Adding a few assets with stylistic interior design definitely helps. True enough, simply applying basic interior design with minute accents and subtle stylistic hints will make your home exceptionally attractive and worth buying.

5 Beautiful Types of Roof Construction To Raise Your Property Value

If your roof structure is old and compromised, you definitely need unique types of roof construction to lift greatly its residential value. Here are seven types of roof construction that will make your property stand out from the rest

Inverted Curve

Inverted curve roofs are truly attention-grabbing. They make your property look like a gigantic sailboat. However, the slanted and stylistically-made roof works the same way as any high-slope roof. In addition, it will remind you of ancient Chinese or Japanese temple roofs. However, with the right color and application, you'll have a modern yet characteristic curb appeal with inverted curve roofs.


Inverted curve roofs, used in public spaces such as these, are also effective and stylistic residential roofs.


French architects have made a significant industry impact with their signature classical design. True enough, mansard roofs are quite common in Paris and other cities in France and Europe, but in Denver CO, you'll definitely be the first to use them.

Mansard roofs share a design similar to traditional dormer roofs. However, they have a larger size and beautiful arches that look like doorways compared to the usual dormer roof design. They definitely add exceptional appeal to your residential property.

Salt Box

These colonial-era and early Cape Cod roof shapes look like huge playground slides with a house underneath. In fact, some nursery rhymes cite one particular old lady who takes care of many kids inside a "shoe."

Salt box roofs do look like huge boots. However, their huge signature high slope to low-slope intersecting roofs make their classic appeal timeless and truly different in a neighborhood of traditional hip and gable roof shapes.


Salt box roofs may have appeared as reference in some fairy tales. However, they are unique and definitely beautiful as residential roofs.

Tiled Flair

If you've ever been into a Chinese or Japanese temple, you've seen a tiled flair roof. These are different from inverted curves. Tiled flair roofs have a high-slope and create an archway extending towards the front porch. Traditional designs use slate or clay tiles. True enough, using tiled flair roofs adds a spiritual and relaxing dimension to your property.

Frame Gable

Children draw frame gable roofs all the time. It might seem as the most common among different types of roof construction, but it is truly difficult to build a symmetrical, simplistic, and extremely high-slope gable roofs. However, unlike the usual high slope other residential properties use, frame gables add great sophistication and rainwater and snowmelt management efficiency for any property.

Making Sure You Get The Best Possible Construction For Any Roof Shape

Indeed, many in our list of unique and value-adding roof shapes will take more than DIY skills to install and maintain effectively. In fact, a proper installation that exhibits a picturesque look of your home is most essential before you decide to open your house and allow prospectors to check your property.

You'll need a trusty Denver CO roofing contractor with substantial experience to help you build your new roof from the ground up. In case you haven't found one yet, you can count on Roper Roofing's professional and experienced team to handle any type of residential roofing service you need. Contact us today!

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