3 Important Steps to Prolong Your Commercial Roof's Lifespan

Commercial and residential roofs differ in aesthetics and maintenance processes and needs. Understanding these differences has helped many property owners prolong their roof's lifespan and performance. In this post, you'll learn about the three crucial steps to maintain your roof and make it last for decades.

Roof Repair

Consider if you can have your roof repaired before deciding to replace it. Good roofing materials can last for decades and endure a few dings from the weather. Often, a small bruise or a few leaks could urge property owners to have a roof replacement. In some cases, a closer look reveals the roof's minor issues that a professional roofer can repair with the right tools and equipment. 

Roof Restoration

Over time, a roof might face much more frequent repairs than it usually needs. The cycle of damage and repairs can soon take its toll on your roof, so it might be time to have a commercial roof restoration. Commercial roof restoration uses visual analysis, infrared scans, core sample testing, and other means to utilize restoration materials like spray polyurethane foam and other spray-on roofing materials efficiently.

Roof Replacement

Having your roof replaced should be the last option. It is a huge investment towards restoring your property's top protection and extending its lifespan. New roofing materials are pristine and have excellent manufacturer's warranty if installed by a dependable and certified contractor.

Restore It Commercial Roofing has an excellent guide on how to maintain your commercial roofs and extend its lifespan below.

A roof plays a crucial purpose for protecting any commercial structure. Regular commercial roof maintenance will help to mitigate any potential problems that can cause damage to your building. Major wear and tear can lead to a compromised roof. Keeping up with possible issues and proactively repairing them before they become bigger and prolong the lifespan of your commercial roof.

A regular roof maintenance program is beneficial no matter how old your commercial roof is. There are a variety of ways to extend the life of a roof, such as acrylic and silicone applications that are flexible and durable. These coatings seal the entire surface, including cracks or crevices. However, starting with basic maintenance is perhaps your best line of defense.

1.Get Leaks Fixed Right Away

Ignoring a leaking roof is the worst thing that a commercial building owner could do. Over time, a leak will only get worse and be more expensive to repair. It could cause all types of damage to your building, such as equipment or electrical damage. Even worse, it could cause your roof to collapse. At the first indication that your commercial roof is compromised, contact your roofing contractor right away.

2. Get Your Roof Inspected Twice a Year

It is highly advisable to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your commercial roof twice a year to identify any potential compromises to your roof. Have your roof inspected for any undetected leaks, cracks, sagging or weak spots. Have a roofer check for any possible problems around vents, skylights, eaves and joints. You will especially want to schedule an inspection before winter sets in to avoid confronting roofing issues during freezing temperatures.

3. Avoid Walking on the Roof

The least amount of traffic on your commercial roof, the better. Consider installing walk pads that will stabilize the roof and prevent lasting damage. This can also prolong the lifespan of the roof.

4. Check Your Roof after Bad Storms

Storms that have high wind, hail or heavy snow can cause damage to your commercial roof that might go undetected until it turns into a major issue. It is advisable to have a special inspection after major storms.

5. Keep Your Commercial Roof Clean

Keeping your roof clean can help avoid a buildup of debris that can lead to clogs, algae or mold growth. Any of these issues can lessen the life of your roof. Having regular cleanings and making sure all equipment is clear of debris will protect your commercial investment for the long haul.

6. Regularly Unclog Gutters and Drains

Because rains and storms can direct debris to your roof drainage system, they need cleaned regularly to avoid clogs. Clogged gutters could lead to preventable leaks, mold and mildew and a bunch of other issues for your roof. Check and repair any cracks or loosened gutters or drains. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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