3 Important Things to Remember When Choosing a New Denver CO Residential Metal Roof

Having a new residential metal roof is definitely the best way to start the upcoming year. Whether you're transitioning from a decades-battered roof or installing a fresh one, it's important to choose a metal roof that's compatible for your home and your budget. Here are three important things you should remember when choosing metal roofs for your Denver CO property.

Choose The Right Type of Roof

All reputable Denver CO metal roofers will tell you about the different kinds of metal roofing you can use. There are four types of roofing materials available for residential property owners. These include the following:

Galvanized Steel Roofing

Using a layer of zinc to protect the steel core from corrosion, galvanized steel roofing is an exceptional residential metal roof with over 30-50 years in its average lifespan. In fact, it can last further with acrylic elastomeric coating. Galvanized steel has many advantages for roofing and other aspects, which include the following according to Metal Supermarkets:

The corrosion of zinc is very slow, which gives it an extended life while it protects the base metal. Due to the alloying of the Zinc to the iron, cathodic protection occurs. This ensures that small areas of steel which may be exposed through damage are not compromised by rust. Unlike organic coatings, small damaged areas need no touch up. The cathodic protection will last as long as the zinc layer is present.

Take special care if your project requires contact between any galvanized material and copper or brass. This is especially true in a moist or humid environment as rapid corrosion of the zinc could occur. Water running off a copper or brass surface could have enough dissolved copper in it to cause rapid corrosion. If this applies to your situation, prevent it by ensuring the water flows from the galvanized material to the brass or copper parts.

The primary advantages for using Galvanized include:

  1. Lower cost than stainless.
  2. Less maintenance/Lowest long term cost.
  3. Long life expectancy.
  4. Coating life and performance are reliable.
  5. Outstanding resistance to mechanical damage.
  6. Protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage.
  7. No other coating can provide the same protection.
  8. No lost time in surface preparation, painting and inspection. (Continued)

Galvalumed Steel Roofing

An excellent alternative to galvanized roofs especially for beachside properties, galvalumed steel uses aluminum coating to protect the steel core of its roofs. It costs almost similar to galvanized variants but it can last beyond 40-50 years and beyond with an acrylic elastomeric roof coating. Galvalumed roofs are excellent when you need the durability and non-corrosive capability of aluminum with the weight and density of steel.


Used in airplanes and bicycles, aluminum is undeniably a superior-grade roofing material that costs more than galvanized and galvalumed roofing. Most roofers report less labor time with aluminum because of its portable weight and easy installation. Aluminum comes in both corrugated and standing seam form with the latter more expensive due to its density.


Nowadays, roofers consider them to be ornamental roofing materials rather than a primary all-through residential metal roofing component. Copper is a very expensive roofing material. It is highly durable but very malleable too. It dents quickly right after a hailstorm and can possibly introduce leaks due to easier piercing. Most luxury properties use them as ornaments because of their beautiful green color after oxidation takes place.

Know Its Weaknesses

Each of the roofing materials listed above have their respective issues. For example, galvanized roofing can be very heavy and can increase labor time during installation. Aluminum is a non-corrosive roofing material that's perfect for beachside homes, but it will get blown away at the first instance of a tornado or strong windstorm due to its light weight.

No residential metal roofing material is perfect. However, by learning to cope with its shortcomings, you can quickly prolong its lifespan and capability through regular maintenance and immediate reparation of small troubles.

Make Sure to Work With a Reliable Roofing Contractor

If you have yet to find a reliable roofing contractor with decades of experience handling metal roof installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements, you can count on Roper Roofing. We've covered many Denver CO installations, maintenance, and other metal roofing needs and guarantee only exceptional results each time. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!


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