A Guide to the Benefits of Metal Roofing for Denver CO Homes

When people in Denver who plan a roofing project ask us about the roofing materials we highly recommend, we would tell them, “One of the best options is metal roofing.”

The thought of metal roofing turn off some homeowners. Those who lack knowledge of these wonderful materials imagine them to have a plain and boring appearance. But no. Not only are metal roofs available in various colors and profiles; they make your home a better place!

In this guide, Roper Roofing aims to teach you the basics of metal roofing systems:

  • The benefits of metal roofing
  • Common types of metal roofs for residential homes
  • Metal roof problems and how to overcome them

Let’s get started.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home?

1. Stands the test of time

Longevity -- it’s one quality that makes a metal roof stand out. Tough and rugged, metal roofs last 50 years or more when they're properly installed and maintained. Their lifespan varies depending on the specific material you choose.

Copper is the longest-lasting metal with a lifespan of 100 years. Famous structures with copper roofs like the Berlin Cathedral Church still stand today.

2. Inherently fire-resistant

red orange fire

Metal roofs are inherently non-combustible.

Some environments are more prone to wildfires. If you need a roof that won’t ever ignite, choose metal roofing. You’ll be relieved to know that metal roofs belong to the list of Class A roofing materials.

Class A roofs have the highest resistance to fires. According to Roofingcalc.com, roofs rated with Class A are those that can last up to 4 hours before they ignite and resist 15 cycles of a gas flame turned on and off.

3. Requires minimal maintenance

Another one of the benefits of metal roofing is low-maintenance. When it comes to metal roof maintenance, homeowners need only to do a few things. We recommend simple roofing care tasks such as the following:

  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Trimming or cutting dead tree branches
  • Watching out for leaks (water spots on the walls and ceiling)
  • Installing roof insulation
  • Eliminating moss on the roof’s surface

4. Easy to install

Some homeowners think about saving money. They also want a new roof but hate the idea of complete tear-offs. That said, metal roofs can be installed over an existing roofing material. This material can also be metal or shingles.

Many roofing contractors also find metal roofs easier and faster to work with compared to shingles. Metal roofing comes in sheets and covers a large surface area. On the other hand, shingles need to be placed individually. This is one of the benefits of metal roofing over shingles.

5. Comes in an array of colors and styles

metal tile roof in orange, maroon, brown, and green

At Roper Roofing, we install metal roofs from CertainTeed that come in beautiful styles.

As we mentioned earlier, you can select a metal roof color and style that you like. Different manufacturers offer various options depending on your personal preference. Here at Roper Roofing, we install metal roofs from CertainTeed. Available styles are tile, shake, and slate.

When it comes to colors, homeowners get to decide on a specific shade in different ways. For example, they can base their roofing color on their surroundings or use a visualizer.

Metal Roofing Material Types

After you’ve learned the benefits of metal roofing, perhaps you’re interested in some metal roofing types. What’s the best type of metal roof for you? We’ve listed three common ones below:

1. Steel

A widely used metal roofing material, steel roofing is highly recommended for homes in windy areas. The main advantage of steel roofs is their sturdiness. Manufacturers make sure that steel won’t corrode by applying a layer of zinc.

2. Copper

Homeowners who dream of a high-end metal roofing material will want to get their hands on copper. Copper has the longest service life. Not just that, copper roofs look extremely gorgeous. If you intend to sell your property in the future, your copper roof will increase your home’s resale value.

3. Aluminum

brown metal roof with wind vane on top

Not all roofing contractors are skilled in aluminum roofing installation. Be sure to hire a qualified roofer.

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant. These are words that best describe aluminum roofing. Aluminum roofing also makes an environmentally-friendly choice since 90% of it comes from recycled materials. Because aluminum is versatile, it’s usually available in various styles - panels, standing seams, tiles, and more.

Drawbacks of Metal Roofs (And How to Overcome Them)

To help you fully understand and appreciate metal roofs, it’s not enough to discuss the benefits of metal roofing. Previously, we wrote a guide about their pros and cons. In there, we mentioned some common disadvantages:

1. Noisiness

During stormy days, metal roofs produce a lot of noise. Some people with metal roofs describe the noise as annoying. But the reason behind this noise is the lack of insulation. If you decide to install a metal roof, consider adding insulation. Insulation blocks out noise from the outside and will even boost energy-efficiency.

2. High initial cost

A short-term drawback is the cost. While metal roofing installation can cost a bit more, especially if you add insulation, the long-term benefits mean savings down the road. People who intend to live permanently in their home can say that the cost benefits of metal roofing are worth it.

3. Paint fading

dark brown metal roof under overcast sky

Extreme heat, cold, and other external elements cause metal roof colors to fade. You cannot expect your metal roof to be this vibrant as the years go by.

Yes, metal roofs lose their vibrant colors over time. You can expect a red metal roof to turn pink over time. This fading occurrence is caused by environmental elements. Ask your local roofing contractor to restore your roof by painting it with high-quality paint.

Enjoyed Learning the Benefits of Metal Roofing? Will You Install a Metal Roof Soon?

Roper Roofing thanks you for checking out this guide. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us.

Here at Roper Roofing, we offer our Denver CO residential metal roofing installation service. Our chosen manufacturer is CertainTeed, a leading manufacturer of high-quality and beautiful roofs. No matter what style you choose, your roof will look authentic and perform outstandingly for many years to come.

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