Denver CO Metal Roofing Hurricane Proof: A Confirmation

If you've lived for more than a century in Denver CO, the climate is at its most peaceful during one season. Then, it becomes a world of difference the next. Both rain and snowstorms are particularly common in the area. However, windstorms do occur, and having metal roofing hurricane proof materials are essential when this happens.

Both corrugated and standing seam metal roof have enough weight and locking designs to withstand even the strongest windstorms. However, it pays to know how much damage wind speeds can cause especially during the harshest periods. We can refer to Super Storm Restoration's post and infographic about wind damage and roofs.

Wind Can Cause Damage to Your Home

Homeowners are often surprised to hear that wind can cause damage to their homes. High winds can cause hazards to your property and surrounding areas - hazards such as fallen branches, uprooted trees and torn down power lines. While these dangers are what we picture after a big storm, wind itself can also result in structural damage to your home.

Wind Damaged Roofs

Roofs are very susceptible to wind damage, in part because high winds do not hit roofs uniformly. Rather, wind tends to cause damage to the edges of the roof, or areas of the roof that are already loose. These loose parts of the roof are easy targets because winds can more easily rip up loose shingles, causing a chain reaction. Roofs are commonly damaged by falling objects and debris as well. Eventually, after prolonged wind damage, your roof can start to leak or rot due to water exposure.

Wind Speed Damage

So what wind speeds do you need to be worried about?

metal roofing hurricane proof


Is there any way to make metal roofing hurricane proof? The best Denver CO metal roofing companies with years of experience and knowledge understand the most effective way is to install it properly. When you compare it with other roofing materials, metal roofing can withstand hurricanes and strong windstorms better because of its many unique installation features.

These include its interlocking panels, high-density and heavy material, and custom-made underlayments. To know more about these features, Classic Metal Roofs has a great article for reference.

Metal Roofing Hurricane Proof: Tried and Proven

Many asphalt shingles are marketed to be resistant to wind damage, but the superior performance of metal roofing products is indisputable. In fact, FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency itself, recommends metal roofs for high-wind regions.

If your location usually gets winds blowing over 90 mph, a zinc, copper, or aluminum roof is an excellent investment. If you ask Classic Metal Roofs, here’s why metal roofing systems deliver better protection from strong winds than asphalt shingle ones:

Interlocking Panels

Metal panels interlock on all four sides keeping each other in place during hurricanes. On the contrary, high winds can loosen properly installed asphalt shingles, making them become more susceptible to getting blown off faster than expected. This is why seeing shingles on the ground that have blown off the roof isn’t an uncommon sight after storms... (read full post)

Manufacturers do many tests to make sure their metal roofing hurricane proof efforts get confirmation. In doing so, they give Denver CO homeowners great peace of mind. One example of how manufacturers match homeowner expectations of wind resistance to make metal roofing hurricane proof is Interlock Roofing.

According to their post, their interlocking metal roofs can withstand 120mph windstorms, which is a Category 2 Hurricane that can dislodge traditional roofing materials and some poorly-installed metal roofing. Learn more about how their metal roof fares in their respective post here.

Metal Roofing Hurricane Proof: Capability Against Category 2 Hurricanes

Depending on what part of the country you live in, hurricanes can be a very deadly and a destructive fact of life.

Every year there are tropical storms that can either pass by harmlessly or that can turn into severe storms that will leave a path of damage if they happen to touch populated areas.

While it may be the least of your concerns if you are in the path of a strong storm, but an Interlock roof is rated to withstand 120 mile-per-hour winds.

That’s strong enough to survive a Category 2 Hurricane.

Category 1 winds can easily tear off asphalt shingles from a roof, but at Interlock we test our roofing with wind and water, simulating rain and storm conditions you would experience in a Category 2 hurricane.

While the materials we use to manufacture our roofing is essential, our interlocking design is a critical factor in protecting your home, as we use specially developed starters, trim, valleys, and accessories that lock to the roofing shingles or panels, and then onto your home. This is a significant way our roofing can help protect your home from wind and other kinds of weather... (continued)

At this point, we can all agree: metal roofing hurricane proof is tried, tested, and proven. Therefore, if you fear the worst windstorms and require the best protection in Denver CO, you can always depend on metal roofing and perfect installation from reputable and experience metal roofers such as Roper Roofing to help you. You can call us today to learn more about our top-tier metal roofing services now.

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