Denver CO Roofing Tips: All You Need to Know About Metal Roof Lifespan

When you think about it, most reputable and highly-reliable Denver CO roofing contractors and residents who have used it consider metal roofs as the "holy grail" of roofing. However, metal roofing has its pros that you can benefit from and cons that you'll have to cope with. One thing is truly exceptional about it: metal roof lifespan.

In fact, clay and slate tiles are the only materials capable of surpassing the lifespan of metal roofs. They can last between 40 years at a minimum and beyond a century with consistent roofing maintenance. Inland Coatings has an excellent guide about how maintenance can improve the lifespan and performance of metal roofs.

Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance for your building’s metal roof requires the appropriate roof coating, regular inspections and prompt repairs.

Metal Roof Coatings

The best way to maintain and extend the life of your metal roof is to apply a proper metal roof coating. Several coating options are available, depending on what your roof needs.

Reflective Coatings

AA highly reflective roof coating provides thermal stability, preventing cracks due to a high tolerance of weather extremes. Inland Coatings’ RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating is an ENERGY STAR-rated product that provides 87% solar reflectance and resists corrosion, water, ozone, UV rays, acids and salts. (Continued)

Metal roof lifespan is important for any Denver CO residential property. It guarantees the consistent barrier that protects homeowners from outside elements. If you had the resources to invest in a high-quality material that can last for a century, then you're definitely making the right choice.

However, protection isn't the only benefit you'll receive with a long metal roof lifespan. In fact, it helps improve your property value, lower insurance premiums, and more. Whirlwind Steel has an excellent explanation on the benefits of having a metal roof.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Environmental Impact of Metal Roofing

Metal is highly sustainable. Most of the steel available today has a high portion of recycled steel within it. If and when the metal must be removed, it can be 100% recycled, whereas asphalt shingles would be headed to a landfill.

Improves Property Value and Insurance Rates

Beyond the long life and sustainability, steel roofs can improve your property value and save on insurance. Because it is durable in weather and fire resistant, insurance companies consider a metal roof a better risk and charge lower premiums. Additionally, metal roofing materials can be created to look like any other material in any color or texture.(Continued)

However, as we mentioned earlier, even with a long metal roof lifespan, they're far from perfect roofing materials. Homeowners still need to cope with some small issues with metal roofs too. The initial price, which is sometimes double or triple the average asphalt roofing shingle, is the initial challenge for homeowners.

Certainteed has a complete list of disadvantages about metal roofs homeowners need to know about. Having a lengthy metal roof lifespan can be expensive for you if you're not ready for some cons. So, be sure to read more about it below.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

  1. Initial Installed Cost: While they are not nearly as costly as wood shakes, high-end tile, or slate, metal roofs do have a higher up-front cost compared to most asphalt shingles. However, a metal roof does offer a longer lifespan. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s cheaper to get a metal roof or traditional shingles, you may want to consider the long-view.
  2. Lengthier install period: Some metal roofing systems are complex to install. The higher-end systems can take twice as long for a skilled contractor to install than a similarly-sized asphalt roof. However, the installation times of these high-end metal roofs are comparable to sophisticated roof types like wood shake and slate. (Continued)

Lastly, only quality installations guarantee a lengthened and maximized metal roof lifespan. If you've yet to find a roofer to help you, you can contact Roper Roofing in Denver. With decades of experience, expert yet friendly and approachable roofers, and a passion to provide quality roofing service, Roper Roofing only guarantees the best roofing possible. Contact us today!

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