Is It Advisable to Walk on a Metal Roof in Denver CO?

For some people, this might seem like a silly question, but many Denver CO homeowners have risked fall injury when they tried to walk on a metal roof. In fact, it's not just injuries they'll suffer; improper steps on a metal roof damages the material with dents. These potential leakage spots can cost so much to address.

However, is impossible to walk on a metal roof without damaging it? Yes, you definitely can. However, you'll need to keep in mind a few things to prevent any possible damage. Best Roofing Shoes has a great list of things you need to avoid. Read the excerpt and read through the entire post below.

How to Walk on a Metal Roof: Safety First!

Wear soft-soled shoes

Soft soled shoes are the greatest you can wear on slippery surfaces, like metal roofs. You need to choose a shoe with the sole made of a rubber material. The rubberized outsole grips on the roof really well and it provides great traction to keep you from slipping.

If you don’t own a professional pair of roofing shoes, don’t worry, go with some hiking or skate shoes.

Vibram is definitely one of the most popular types of outsoles known for gripping slick and wet surfaces. A pair of shoes with soft soles will also be lightweight, and that is great for your mobility and for preventing causing any damage to the metal surface. (Continued)

The use of rubber-soled shoes rather than going barefoot is definitely one of the best advices we've read as one of Denver CO's best roofing companies with years of experience. If you walk on a metal roof barefoot or with your morning slippers, you'll be injured fast. Metal roofs have exposed fasteners, and even if you have standing seam metal roofs, debris such as small stones and twigs can be harmful

This is especially dangerous when you're walking up a steep and inclined roof above the usual high-slope most Denver CO residential properties have. In this case, Hunker has a great tip to help you avoid any danger to yourself and your roof.

How to Walk on a Metal Roof With a Steep Incline

Walk up a roof and lean your body over towards the roof to help maintain your balance. The steeper the metal roof, the more you'll need to lean over. Crouch down slightly to walk down a metal roof safely.

Walk up or down a slightly inclined roof by walking as you would on the ground, but slowly. Walk up a steep roof sideways. That is, instead of stepping straight out in front of you, place your feet, one at a time, sideways as you step up.

Use a roof safety harness to walk safely on a roof if it's in poor condition or if it's very steep. Basically, a harness attaches you to the roof to prevent falling if you lose your footing. Make sure you follow the directions on how to put the harness on according to the instructions from the manufacturer because each brand can vary. Make sure it fits tight and check buckles. (Read More)

Lastly, even if you have leaks on your roof during a strong rainstorm, if you're not comfortable to walk on a metal roof, then it's advisable to just remain where you are. Any professional with experience advises homeowners to avoid going up roofs if they're uncomfortable. Roofers are capable of their services because they're greatly comfortable to stay on roofs.

In fact, roofers still find it challenging to walk on different types of metal roofs. Furthermore, despite all the care and preparation, it is still possible to damage metal roofs unknowingly when walking on it. Metal Roof Network has a great explanation about this.

Walk on Metal Roof: Difficulties and Hidden Dangers

The variety of metal roofs means that some are tricky to walk over and others are not. But the vast majority are not tricky to traverse. In fact, most are safer and easier to walk on than many other types of roof coverings. It is true, however, that some metal roofs are made of very thin material or very complex shapes and these require that whoever walks on them show some care and attention.

Unlike certain types of roof (concrete and clay come to mind right away) that can be cracked and permanently damaged by foot traffic, even abusive foot traffic on metal roofs rarely causes any more damage than a little dent. Such a dent, if it's even detectable from the ground, is not going to compromise the performance of the roofing at all. And walking on a metal roof won't "wear it out" like walking on an asphalt roof does.

Walking on asphalt shingles can abrade the stone coating that exists to shade the petroleum asphalt from the sun. Once that protection is removed by foot traffic, the asphalt can deteriorate very quickly, requiring the roof be replaced. Excessive foot traffic on a metal roof might mark the finish, but other than leaving a mark, it's extremely unlikely the performance and longevity of the roof could be compromised. (Continued)

Remember, if you're uncomfortable heading up your roof to perform DIY repairs or save a bit of money, just don't. You can leave it to professionals such as Denver CO's Roper Roofing to perform top-quality repairs and get your roof fixed in no time. Contact us today to know more about what we can do for you!


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