Metal Roof Insurance Coverage: Cosmetic Damage Exclusion in Denver CO

Denver CO has one of the most laid-back environments in the country. However, it doesn't mean its shares of violent weather are less if we compare them to others. Just like in any country with humid subcontinental temperatures, we're likely to have hail and rainstorms pelting against the core fabric of our roofing materials. It is for this reason many homeowners flock to insurers for useful metal roof insurance coverage.

However, you've definitely encountered the term "cosmetic damage exclusion" or "hail damage waiver" insurers throw around with attractive decrease in rates or discounts. If they make you feel like it's quite like a scam, you have all the reason to believe so because it's an unfair deal for many homeowners in need of proper metal roof insurance coverage. Ed Wise from Wise Insurance Group believes the risk of cosmetic damage homeowners should never downplay.

Metal Roof Insurance Coverage: Avoid Surprises With Cosmetic Damage

Such was the case with a woman who called me to help her with a policy on her new home. The new home has a metal roof and she was concerned that cosmetic damage not be excluded from the policy I recommended. Her concern was due to watching what a friend experienced when their hail claim had been declined by a carrier who excludes cosmetic damage to metal roofs in their home insurance policy.

The policy I recommended to her includes coverage for cosmetic damage from hail. This carrier, as do a couple of others, provides a discount if cosmetic damage is excluded, however, I don’t think that’s a good discount. Who wants a home with a roof that looks like it was beaten with a hammer?! Including cosmetic damage coverage for your home’s metal roof is easy if you have the right home insurance policy. (Read More)

Just like Ed Wise, other legal experts are skeptical of insurance companies offering discount for metal roof insurance coverage without cosmetic damage, which they sell at a lower price than normal. In some cases, they even conceal its exclusion in their terms and conditions, which will greatly surprise and infuriate Denver CO residents upon discovery

Raizer-Slania LLP discusses how cosmetic damage exclusions and "hiding" the clauses in terms and conditions have become normal for insurers. Read more about it below

Read Your Insurance Policy Carefully: Look For Cosmetic Damage Exclusions

The problem of denial has become so acute that some insurance companies are writing exclusions for what they call “cosmetic” damage into their policy. And since their adjusters call virtually all hail damage to a metal roof “cosmetic,” they are effectively writing policies that cover nothing. In doing so, the insurance companies are claiming that, because minor dents don’t allow leaks, reduce the service life of the roof in any significant way, they shouldn’t be covered. Unfortunately, these policy exclusions may soon become the norm, especially in areas more prone to hail, such as the Midwest and large parts of Texas.

Insurance companies advertise themselves as protectors and promise to cover everyone when your business or your home is damaged, but in reality their main purpose is to collect as much money as possible and pay out as little as they can get away with. The latest wrinkle, when it comes to excluding “cosmetic” damage to metal roofs, is unfair and needs to be stopped. Insurance companies need to be held accountable for doing what they say they will do whenever you suffer damage to your property. (Continued)

As your reliable Denver CO metal roofing contractor with sufficient knowledge and experience handling metal roofing, we are confident in saying hail damage rarely does anything drastic to roofs. The hailstones -- even softball-sized ones -- will never puncture and cause leaks unless it hits a gasket so hard it can cause leaks.

On the other hand, hailstones of any size leave your corrugated or standing seam metal roof barely desirable because of its punctures and dents. Picture this: you're just about to have an open house tomorrow and finally get a homebuyer to purchase your property when a hailstorm hit last night. Your roof's curb appeal definitely went on a nosedive. You might just spend an additional $600-$1,000 just to get it restored. Terrible, right?

It is for this reason metal roof insurance coverage inclusive of cosmetic damage is worth the extra (or non-discounted) amount. If you have difficulty making a decision, Sheffields Metal has a great guide here.

Metal Roof Insurance Coverage: Best Factors to Consider with Hail Damage Waivers

The cost of your metal roof - If you have a large/expensive metal roof ($10,000+), it’s likely worth it to pay the extra insurance cost to protect it. and make sure it looks good and performs well for years to come. Insurance is intended to cover what's important to you, so if you have tens of thousands of dollars invested in a metal roof, you likely want to make sure it’s covered both cosmetically and structurally.

Where you’re located and frequency of major hail events - Again, your location significantly matters, as hail or wind storms are not prevalent in all areas of the United States. If you live in a place like Florida or California, hail damage waivers might not even come up in discussions with insurance providers. Or, if it does, you can feel more confident taking the cosmetic damage exclusion. However, if you live in places like Texas, Colorado, or Kansas, where the likelihood of cosmetic hail damage is higher, you might want to consider not signing a cosmetic hail exclusion waiver. (Continued)

Remember, metal roof insurance coverage should always include cosmetic damage. Read your terms and conditions carefully and opt for a cosmetic damage inclusive policy. In case you recently suffered from hailstorm cosmetic damage, you can count on Roper Roofing to help you with any metal roofing repairs and replacement you need. Contact us today!

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