Compelling Ideas to Achieve Significant Metal Roofing Cost Reduction in Denver CO

Metal roofing is an industry that will never subside. Every Denver CO homeowner needs a roof to install, repair, or replace. However, the metal roofing cost they deal with often sends them away from the idea of using metal roofs for their property.

The thing is, metal roofs are effective roofing materials that can last for decades, withstand the strongest storms of rain, wind, and snow, and even numerous hailstorms. If there is any way to save from huge metal roofing cost, then more homeowners will gladly consider using it. In fact, if you think metal roofs are expensive, then you haven't seen the market's effects on all roofing materials. Roofing Calculator has a great description about it.

Why Metal Roofing Cost Is Increasing Along With Other Roofing Materials

Back in 2008, I used to buy TAMKO steel shingles from ALSIDE Supply. Unfortunately, they no longer carry Tamko products in RI and MA, so I had to switch suppliers. But back then, I was on good terms with my salesman, and one time he sat me down at his desk to fill out some paperwork. I noticed that right in front of me was a document that showed ALSIDE’s material cost, which was only 60% of what they charged me! Turn percentages around – that is a 67% markup on materials!

I was enraged! Sure – a business needs to make money, and I have no problem with it. But, typical markup for distributors in ANY industry is 40% or less. This is enough to cover costs and make a VERY good profit...(continued)

The idea to reduce metal roofing cost is as follows: do away with the idea of using aluminum and copper. While aluminum is highly durable, it is quite expensive and can do as much as steel roofs can in non-high salt air neighborhoods. Denver CO has a low salt air level, which makes steel rather than aluminum a better and affordable choice. Meanwhile, copper is quite an expensive yet unreliable roofing material -- which makes them excellent as cosmetic features rather than a full-functional roof. confirms that steel roofing is the best way to reduce metal roofing cost while providing the best benefits for homeowners. Even Denver CO's finest roofers with in-depth metal roofing experience and knowledge will agree that steel is the best for most homes. Learn more about it here.

Reducing Metal Roofing Cost for New Roofs

It goes without saying that metal roofs can be made out of different types of metal, but what many homeowners don’t know is how greatly the price for these different metals may vary. The cheapest (but also lowest quality) Galvanized corrugated steel starts at $175 per square.

The next BIG step up in quality is Architectural steel, which starts at $300 per roof square (100 sq. ft.) for metal shingles and $350 per roof square. for standing seam.

The next upgrade is aluminum, costing, $350+ per roof square for metal shingles and $425+ per roof square for standing seam.

Aluminum Shingle Roof

Premium metals, such as copper and zinc are outrageously expensive: $900-1400 per roof sq. The smartest financial move is to go for a steel shingle roof, because it offers architectural quality and style at a cost close to corrugated metal panels...(Continued)

Lastly, you can choose to install or replace your metal roofing with a new one. However, DIY is a huge contributor to metal roofing cost than using a roofing contractor. First, you'll need to invest in industry-grade equipment. Second, homeowners have to learn the skills needed in the trade to achieve their intended results, which will take some time.

However, many companies can claim to be excellent contractors. It can be easy to find dozens of roofers offering their services. The problem at this point: how can you narrow down your list and reduce your metal roofing cost? GAF's blog has an excellent guide to help you find the ideal roofing contractor for the job.

How to Find The Best Metal Roofing Contractors Near You

Get local referrals

There is less chance of potential issues or scams when you choose a contractor from your community. They are more familiar with local rules and code regulations and have a relationship with area crews and suppliers.

Look for manufacturer designations

Manufacturer designations are considered a badge of honor because the contractor must pass certain minimum requirements to be factory-certified (although, some manufacturers have more stringent requirements than others). GAF strictly enforces their top designation by only allowing 2% of roofing contractors per market to be recognized as Master Elite® Contractors. (Unlike other manufacturer designations, Master Elite® Contractors cannot use this top designation in another territory, only in the location of the storm. Find a Master Elite® Contractor near you. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a reliable roofer or wish to add the very first contractor to consider for your metal roofing needs, Roper Roofing is here to help. We have more than 10 years of industry experience and only focus on providing top-quality roofing services for all types of materials. Contact us today!

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