Real-Life Facts About Metal Roofing Insurance Denver CO Homeowners Must Know

We can't blame you if you've been under the impression metal roofing is infallible. In fact, Denver CO's veteran metal roof services company is as confident as the homeowners. We stand by our confidence in metal roof's capability to provide optimal protection against the elements. However, metal roofing insurance is another story.

Many Denver CO homeowners believe they can receive insurance benefits once hail dents their roofs. Unfortunately, this isn't the case all the time. Metal roofing insurance focuses on fixing "functional" problems -- issues that drastically reduce the metal roof's protective performance and durability.

Therefore, dents won't merit you any payouts in any form. However, insurers can give you recompense in specific cases. One example is this case from Cornerstone PAC in Jackson. This explanation definitely gives clarity to the entire coverage some metal roofing insurers provide.

Court Rules : Hail Dents To Metal Roofs Are Covered

Thankfully for policyholders in Tennessee, the Honorable Russell T. Perkins, Chancellor Court Judge for Davidson County Tennessee, recently had the opportunity to rule on this very issue. In the case Sai Leela Inc., v. Westfield Insurance Company, the insurance company's logic was put to the test. The insurance company agreed that their policy provided coverage for "Direct Physical Loss" however, the policy did not define that the loss or damage had to be "Functional" or "Cosmetic" The insurance company agreed that the metal roof received dents from the hail storm but denied the claim because:

The policyholder wisely sought out professional advice and turned to the local powerhouse law firm for assistance. Brandon McWherter of Gilbert | Russell | McWherter | Scott | Bobbitt PLC called on the court to determine if dents in a metal roof are considered Direct Physical Loss or Damage under the policy of insurance. The court determined, as a matter of law, that:

"if there are hail dents to the metal mansard roofs, no matter whether they are visible from the
ground or visible with or without the aid of chalk, then such dents constitute direct physical loss
or damage under the insurance policy and therefore constitute a covered claim under the policy."

When it Comes to Insurance Policies, There is No Difference in Cosmetic Damage and Functional Damage

But what happens to the homeowners and business owners who make claims because their metal roofs have dents from the same hail storm? A reasonable person would presume that the insurance companies would promptly take care of their customers who have sustained damage to their metal roofs. Unfortunately this is not what typically happens. Some insurance companies will send out an adjuster who will try to explain to the policyholder how dents in the metal do not really hurt anything and that because the roof is not leaking, the damage is minimal in nature. (Read full post here)

Upon reading this source, we too, were amazed that cosmetic damage isn't always part of metal roofing insurance benefits. Denver CO homeowners who have metal roofing insurance should review their clauses for terms such as "cosmetic," "partial," "functional damages," and other similar terms in their policies. In term, it will help prevent confusion should they need to make a claim.

If you're just about to purchase a new metal roofing insurance, Wise Insurance Group has a great article that will help you keep everything in check. Keep on reading below to know more!

Metal Roofs And Home Insurance Surprises

I’m a little partial to homes with metal roofs. They are resilient, look pretty, and there’s nothing like falling asleep to the sound of rain falling on one. Most home insurance companies tend like them too as they last long and are fire and hail resistant. There are some home insurance policies though, that may contain a surprise most homeowners aren’t aware of.

Most home insurance companies will write a home with a steel or metal roof. There are a few though that won’t if it’s a tin roof, but they tend to be the exception. There are several carriers, however, that exclude cosmetic damage to a metal roof whether caused by hail or a falling tree limb. In these instances, a roof covered with dings from hail which doesn’t leak won’t be replaced since cosmetic damage is excluded.

The reason for excluding cosmetic damage is simple, the carrier does not want to pay for replacing a roof that looks damaged, but is still structurally sound. This is largely due to metal roofs costing more than composition shingle roofs. If you’re not aware of this exclusion, it can be an awful surprise for the homeowner!

Such was the case with a woman who called me to help her with a policy on her new home. The new home has a metal roof and she was concerned that cosmetic damage not be excluded from the policy I recommended. Her concern was due to watching what a friend experienced when their hail claim had been declined by a carrier who excludes cosmetic damage to metal roofs in their home insurance policy. (Read Full Post)

Here's one last additional tip: even insurers view metal roofing as virtually infallible. In this light, if your property uses one, don't be surprised to receive lower insurance discounts. It is a fact insurers provide huge discounts for brand-new installed roofs. However, metal roofs gain lower premiums than usual because of its durability and performance especially during its first few years.

More explanation from Whirlwind Steel's detailed and informative post. Read more about it here.


As much as you pay in insurance premiums every year, you may get very excited when you learn there are potential discounts and tax credits you could be eligible for.

Several of those discounts and credits become available when you select a metal roof for your home or business. You know that a metal roof is highly durable, fire-resistant, energy efficient, and impact resistant. Insurance companies know that, too, and offer discounts depending on the material of the roof, its age, the coating, and other criteria.


Many insurers give a discount for a new roof. Why? A new roof is less likely to have a leak or suffer from other damage because, you know, it’s new. This holds true for brand new homes and buildings since it stands to reason that a new building has a new roof.If your new roof is steel, so much the better because you may be eligible for discounts whether the roof is new or not.


Impact resistance discounts depend on the

  • Roofing material
  • Roof-covering classification, including the region the building is in. If the building is in an area prone to heavy hail damage, the discount is larger.

Roof classification is determined by the UL test standard 2218; roofing material is considered to have impact resistance if it passes the standard. Roofing materials are rated from one to four, with four being the best or highest rating.

Standard 2218 testing involves dropping steel balls on the roofing material to simulate the effect of hail. Metal roofs typically pass at class four, qualifying for the highest discounts. Better yet, steel roofing retains its impact resistance throughout its service life, unlike materials that deteriorate over time due to weather exposure.

If you have homeowners insurance that offers an impact resistance discount, it could be as much as 35%. If you have something called dwelling extended insurance that discount may reach 46%. (Read full post here)

Now that you understand the full extent of metal roofing insurance, you can make a proper decision on the metal roofing policy you'll need. In fact, you'll be paying for less while gaining more benefits.

And just in case you need metal roofing services beyond the coverage of your insurer, you can call on us at Roper Roofing. We're a decades-experienced roofing company that provides quality work with exceptionally-trained and greatly-experienced professionals. Contact us today!


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